Ryan Fitzpatrick: It’s easier for me to switch teams because I’ve done it so many times

USA Today

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been the starting quarterback for the Rams, Bengals, Bills, Titans, Texans, Jets, Buccaneers and Dolphins. Now he’s with the Washington Football Team, and he says he’s having no trouble fitting right in on his ninth team.

“There are certain things that maybe it is easier for me to switch teams than other guys because I’ve done it so many times,” Fitzpatrick said, via ESPN. “I’ve been through the process.”

Fitzpatrick said he’s quickly learning the language of his new offense and serving as a leader in Organized Team Activities.

“Communication is a huge thing,” Fitzpatrick said. “When that communication gets crisp, you can play faster and that puts a lot of pressure on the defense. I have a lot of discussion with the guys up front. I’m the one having to catch up right now with what they’re doing.”

On eight different teams, Fitzpatrick has figured out how to communicate with new teammates. On Team 9, he knows how it’s done.

24 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick: It’s easier for me to switch teams because I’ve done it so many times

  1. what’s the record for most nfl teams played for? Fitzpatrick has to be close

  2. The 9th time is the charm! I believe with all the weapons around him, excellent coaching and the work ethic of this team, the WFT will allow for a breakthrough season for Fitzmagic!

  3. Add to his statement about communication that this is done under a time limit while simultaneously attempting to read disguised defensive sets and adjusting his offense accordingly.

  4. Great addition for WFT. He’s not going to Canton, but he’s a mature pro who will give a young up and coming team a real chance.

  5. The right mindset will get you far in life. Fitzpatrick is a great example of this.

  6. I said this to my Dad after my 27th girlfriend. I married my 28th 🙂

  7. patsrule says:
    May 27, 2021 at 7:37 am

    Great addition for WFT. He’s not going to Canton…

    No, he’s not going to Canton, but he probably SHOULD. Because Canton is for players who were GREAT, and Fitz has truly been GREAT at something.

    NINE different teams, and he has started for every one of them at some point.

    35,000 passing yds, better than 60% completion rate, 223 passing TDs. Those numbers are INCREDIBLE when you consider how many different OCs and schemes he has worked with.

    Tack on 2621 rushing yds and 21 rushing TDs at 4.6 yds/carry.

    Of course, his W/L record is HIDEOUS! 🙁 And any time he was the undisputed starter, he just didn’t do very well.

    But he’s quite possibly the greatest platoon QB who ever played. Why not Canton?

  8. The moving part would be the worst. After every move I have ever made, I always say that I never want to move again.

  9. Don’t let that nice guy image fool you. In reality he’s a HIRED GUN !

  10. This is actually quite funny — like the old joke — “Quitting smoking is easy — I’ve done it four or five times myself.”

  11. Fitzpatrick had 6 games at the start of last season to distinguish himself as the starter in Miami. He did not do so! Tua was 6 and 3 as a rookie recovering from an injury that diminishes torque and the velocity for throwing a football. The Harvard mouth (Ryan) has obviously fooled the media into believing that he is a franchise quarterback.

  12. He’s proven that with hard work you can last a long time in the league. When he retires he will be set for life.

  13. I can’t think of a single player that is more fun to watch than Fitz. I wish him well in Washington.

  14. Some quarterbacks hit their peak late in their career. Like Rich Gannon and Jeff Hostetler, Fitzmagic has developed into a damn good quarterback at the tail end of his career. Over the last three years, Fitz has a higher completion percentage than Tom Brady; a higher yards per attempt than Russell Wilson; and a higher QBR than Deshaun Watson. Yeah, earlier in this career, he threw a lot of picks while playing catching up for really bad teams. But the guy never quit. And right now, he is one of the better quarterbacks in the league.

  15. Fitz has something few NFL player have that drives him. “A great love of the game.”

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