Travis Kelce: Walking in huddle a little bit different this year

Super Bowl LV
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The Chiefs suffered a stinging loss to the Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV and it kicked off an offseason of change in Kansas City.

The focus of that change has been on the offensive line. The Chiefs brought in tackle Orlando Brown, guard Joe Thuney, center Austin Blythe, guard Kyle Long, and drafted two more linemen after watching Tampa ransack their offensive line in the Super Bowl.

It will be some time before the line will be able to be fully unleashed, but tight end Travis Kelce already senses a change. He said on ESPN this week that “walking in that huddle it’s a little bit different this year.”

“I love all the guys that we played with over the past couple years, but when you walk in this huddle, we’ve got big, big dudes, man,” Kelce said, via the Kansas City Star. “Big guys that are very accomplished at what they’ve done in years past, and it’s just, it’s fun. It’s fun to have that new refreshing atmosphere when you walk into the huddle because it gets you excited.”

Kelce added that he hopes to see the Bucs again in Los Angeles at the end of this season. The success of the offensive line overhaul will do a lot to determine if that happens.

7 responses to “Travis Kelce: Walking in huddle a little bit different this year

  1. As much as I hate to say it, the Chiefs are a well run organization. They always work their way around the cap situations they face. They find a way to keep their star players and still add more great talent to their roster. It’s nauseating actually. Lol.

  2. The Chiefs have more than enough to get it done this year. They should have won last year. Brady has been on the losing end of a few Super Bowls, too. I’m sure he feels like he could have won those games if they had to play them again.

  3. Yeah, and TB added even more ammo in the offseason to ransack even harder. Brady knows how to disallow a post-SB slump, I expect TB to be right beck there with a 13-4 or 14-3 season, and banging for the Lombardi again. That new Chiefs line better gel.

  4. I don’t think the Chiefs get there this year. Just because its really hard to do. But i’d bet mahomes gets atleast one more. It just may be with a different group around him when he does.

  5. With a solid and healthy o line, the Chiefs will be unstoppable.

  6. Of course Kelce is happy about the big people additions — it’s not like he’s gonna block anybody. lol. What a softy!

  7. Really happy to see problems immediately addressed since Veach came on. First the QB with Pat, then the complete Defensive overhaul, and now the Offensive line. You can’t ask for more as a fan base. If you can get that, along with good cap management, successful seasons come again and again. The Pats were able to do it, the chiefs have been right there this last few seasons. As long as Clark keeps Veach, and Veach Pat, I think we can have a long run of success.

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