What’s Matt Patricia’s role in New England? Good question.

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick has spoken on multiple occasions about the return of Matt Patricia, a long-time assistant coach who became defensive coordinator who became coach of the Lions. But Belichick still hasn’t said exactly what it is that Patricia will be doing.

On Thursday, reporters took another crack at figuring out what Patricia’s role is and will be. Here’s what Belichick said: “Yeah, it’s great to have Matt here. He’s obviously an outstanding coach and has a lot of experience and gained some experience in areas in the last three years that he didn’t have as much of an opportunity to be in prior to that when he left. So yeah, his advice and counsel and presence has been valuable for us in a lot of ways. So yeah, I’m extremely glad that he’s here and appreciate the contributions that he gives us on a daily basis.”

Patricia has been involved in contract negotiation (he signed Cam Newton‘s new deal for the Patriots), free-agency evaluation, and draft preparation. He’s officially the “special assistant to the head coach.”

Regarded as brilliant by the organization, it almost seems as if Patricia is on the verge of becoming the team’s next Ernie Adams, the man of mystery who has done a little bit of everything for a team that has won six championships since 2001. That would be fitting, since Adams is retiring.

However it plays out, Belichick has a former head coach as his offensive coordinator and a former head coach as his special assistant. With a significant talent upgrade for a team that willed its way to seven wins in 2020, the Patriots could soon be back in the category of “consistent high-end contenders.”

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  1. Big brains on Adams and Patricia. Matty P is probably an asset in disecting the opposition

  2. The organizational structure in New England is Bill and then everybody else, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Given their track record in the draft, bringing in some “counsel” can’t be a bad idea. We shall see

  3. Regarded as brilliant by the organization, it almost seems as if Patricia is on the verge of becoming the team’s next Ernie Adams

    That would be Evan Rothstein who is coming to NE with Patricia from Detroit. He’s the next Adams. Smart analytics guy.

  4. He’ll be studying the NFL rule book, analyzing how it’s enforced, and finding the loopholes that the Patriots will then try to exploit.

  5. I am just glad that he didn’t get the defensive coordinator position. He wasn’t good at it

  6. Bill asks Matt what he’d do in a certain situation, and then does the opposite. Pure genius

  7. Patricia is absolutely the next Ernie Adams. The man’s literally a rocket scientist with a degree in aeronautical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His mind is wired to think outside the box and to be analytical to the extreme. Did he come close to succeeding in Detroit? No. Tell me who has in that dumpster fire of an organization in the Super Bowl era. If he does half the job that Adams did for Bill then the Patriots won’t skip a beat. I’m fine with him lurking in the shadows doing the things that extremely successful franchises do. That is working smarter AND harder.

  8. No bitter vitriol here. Patricia was destined for failure because 1) its the Lions, 2) he came in with no humility and poor people skills and 3) he showed no ability or desire to adjust, especially on defense.

    Patricia expected the players to fall in line because he came from the Patriots. I guess they showed him. Then, year 3 after his hard ass act had failed and he got a little more wussified he folded like a 3 dollar suitcase when the (terrible) team boycotted practice in the wake of the Floyd killing and subsequent rioting. Awful team, covid restrictions and limited practices and the players think it is more important to protest than to get better at their jobs.

    The Lions have been inept for 60 years, and the owners and management have gotten the blame. I contend while much of the blame belongs there, the players have virtually gotten a free pass and deserve much of the blame also. Mentally weak and egos far exceeding their talent. Hopefully the new management and coaching staff will set the right tone, and the players have among them a/some tough, no bs leader(s) who will bring accountablity to the locker room.

  9. Patricia did a worse job in Detroit than Caldwell did. People keep bringing up that he is a “rocket scientist”. That doesn’t necessarily transfer to the NFL, and he sure didn’t look like he was doing anything innovative when the Lions were one of the worst defenses in the league during the last two years of his tenure, and the Patriots defense certainly didn’t suffer while he was in Detroit.

  10. Patricia was an abject failure as a Head Coach. That is a statement of fact.

  11. bloodonhishands says:
    May 27, 2021 at 3:22 pm
    Patricia was an abject failure as a Head Coach. That is a statement of fact.
    The Detroit Lions is, was and almost surely will always be abject failures. That too is a statement of fact.

  12. The Lions were 9-7 and looking towards the playoffs. Former Patriot Bob Quinn said 9-7 wasn’t good enough and that Matt Patricia would take the Lions to the Super Bowl. But the Lions defense became their historical worst after defensive guru Matt Patricia took over. The team was well below .500 every season. The idea that he’s some kind of genius strategist is ridiculous.

    He traded away Matt Stafford’s favorite target (Golden Tate). He let Darius Slay and Quandre Diggs walk. By many accounts his lack of respect for his players alienated the locker room. And then there’s that time he yelled at a reporter for having bad posture.

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