Zach Wilson knows “processing needs to be faster” in NFL


Jets first-round pick Zach Wilson has gotten his first taste of on-field work against experienced players this week and the quarterback is beginning to figure some things out.

One thing he’s figured out is that he needs to figure things out more quickly. Wilson told reporters on Thursday that “processing needs to be faster” at the professional level and he shared an analogy he learned from head coach Robert Saleh about where he needs to be to thrive in the NFL.

“If you’re watching TV and eating a bowl of cereal — learning the plays and formations, it’s kind of like eating that bowl of cereal,” Wilson said, via Darryl Slater of “You’re not really sitting there thinking about eating, lifting the spoon up to your mouth, and chewing. It just naturally happens. So for me, it’s working on understanding the formations, so it’s super quick, understanding the alignment of where receivers should be. And then you start to pick up certain things — certain coverages, how guys run certain routes. It’s going to be a process.”

The Jets’ continued search for a long-term answer at quarterback shows they don’t have any lucky charms in their possession, so they’ll have to hope that practice, film study, and eating Wheaties does the trick for Wilson.

3 responses to “Zach Wilson knows “processing needs to be faster” in NFL

  1. I hope he does well.
    Jets may be quietly building a good organization.
    All the best to Saleh and his crew.

  2. Process away my boy, process away. Take your tine and do it right and think big picture.

  3. Processing. That’s the big reason why some guys make it and some don’t. It’s the reason why workouts and practice provide very little insight when trying to evaluate QB’s. It’s all about making decisions very quickly, but making the correct decision. And doing it under pressure, both physical and mental. And then delivering an accurate throw after doing all those other things. So if you can’t make the right decision quickly, the arm talent means nothing. Some guys do better when the lights are the brightest. Others do the opposite. That’s what’s so exciting about watching young QB’s. My expectations are very low when a kid goes to a team like the Jets. There’s just a lot more to overcome, and the necessary support is not there.

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