David Culley still has nothing to say about Deshaun Watson

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David Culley waited decades for his ship to come in. He’s now taking a three-hour tour on the S.S. Minnow.

Meeting with reporters on Thursday during OTAs that prompted harsh criticism from John McClain regarding the lack of information provided to the media covering the session, Culley found himself once again asked about quarterback Deshaun Watson, who isn’t there.

Watson came up twice during Thursday’s session. First, Culley was asked whether Watson has been to the team facility, and whether Culley has heard from Watson.

“We have nothing more to say,” Culley said. “We’ve talked about the Deshaun situation with [G.M.] Nick [Caserio] and I both, and with [owner] Cal [McNair] and nothing’s new on that.”

So has Watson not been to the facility?

“I have nothing to say about that situation,” Culley said.

Later, Watson came up in a different way, thanks to Culley opening the door for it. Asked whether everyone on the roster has been taking part in Zoom meetings since the start of OTAs, Culley said this: “Yes, everybody has been on the Zoom meetings.”

The use of “everybody” invited a follow up: Does that include QB Deshaun Watson?

“I have nothing to say about Deshaun at this point,” Culley said.

Through it all, Culley came off as a guy who has been told in no uncertain terms that he must say nothing about Watson. Watson likely got his mandate from Caserio, who comes from the never-say-anything crew in New England.

It makes Culley look weak, frankly. Everyone knows Watson isn’t there. Why not say it? Retreating to a one-line talking point suggests that the Texans don’t trust Culley to speak extemporaneously about a sensitive issue. If they truly don’t, then why is he the head coach?

1 responses to “David Culley still has nothing to say about Deshaun Watson

  1. “It makes Culley look weak, frankly. Everyone knows Watson isn’t there.”

    Hhmmm🤔, if Culley looks weak in this situation for not answering a question that somehow, “everyone knows Watson isn’t there.” What does the media look like to keep asking the same dumb question. To me, it makes them look stupid and antagonizing. Culley is not the reason Watson wants to be in Houston. It’s the owner and shady Easterby fault the man doesn’t want to be in Houston. They continuously put Culley in front of the press to face the heat but also continuously be nowhere to be found to answer these hard questions themselves so if you ask me, they are the ones who look weak. It’s no way you can place any blame or fault on Culley for doing what he suppose to do, coach the players who are there to be coached not worry about who isn’t showing up. Just my two cents though!!

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