Is Jay-Z looking to buy a piece of the Washington Football Team?

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The man who sang 99 Problems could soon own a piece of a team that has had nearly as many in recent years.

We’ve tripped across an item from regarding a report from, as confirmed by J.P. Finlay of, which indicates that Jay-Z is “actively divesting” assets in order to buy a piece of the Washington Football Team.

Majority owner Daniel Snyder has bought out (or is still in the process of buying out) a trio of minority partners who had been trying to sell for an extended period of time. Snyder will have 100 percent of the equity, and he then would be able to sell pieces of it to Jay-Z or to anyone else.

The problem with being a minority owner is that there’s no real power, and typically no path to control. However, getting approved to own a piece of the any team positions that person to potentially buy a team of his or her own.

It won’t be easy, for Jay-Z or anyone else. As legalized gambling continues to spread throughout the country, franchise values will continue to grow and grow. The more time passes, the more expensive it will be to buy any teams that may become available.

Some think that the Washington Football Team eventually could become available, if the debt that Snyder is assuming in order to buy out his minority partners puts him in a financial pinch. For now, though, Snyder is intent on keeping the team, so that his children eventually can own and operate it.

27 responses to “Is Jay-Z looking to buy a piece of the Washington Football Team?

  1. If Tupac Shakur was still alive Jay-Z would just be another stain in the rap game. Tupac was driven with a purpose to see a better world. Tupac could not only reach people of all colors but most importantly people across all classes.

  2. acemagee45 says:
    May 28, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    If Tupac Shakur was still alive Jay-Z would just be another stain in the rap game.

  3. Yeah, but what does Teflon Dan want? Is he buying out the current minority owners just so he can deal with more minority owners? Or so he can sell the team altogether and get out of the spotlight? it’s not like it has been kind to him, even if it’s been his own fault that things haven’t worked out.

  4. I like 2pac more but Jay-Z is an extremely talented rapper. He would’ve made it either way. And PAC had plenty of brainless songs that did more harm than good. But damn, when his heart was in it he couldn’t be touched.

  5. If Tupac was alive we would have to listen more years of his stupid music ! One way or another he was destined to die because of his big mouth .

  6. The master of keeping his (and Beyonce’s) name in the headlines strikes again.

  7. Despite his hard knock life, he’s a great businessman beyond a reasonable doubt, with a blueprint that works.

  8. If Tupac Shakur was still alive Jay-Z would just be another stain in the rap game.

    Jay Z is worth 880 million dollars,that’s 878,000,000 more than most of us will earn in a lifetime. Pretty good for a rap stain ain’t it?

  9. Jeff Bezos will 100% be the buyer of whatever the next team that goes up for sale. He can outbid anyone and is incredibly powerful.

  10. Danny’s kids can’t be as bad as their dad, can they? Hopefully, they learned what not to do watching Snyder mishandle the WFT. Of course, no matter how incompetent an owner he is, Snyder will make another fortune when/if he sells the team. He bought them for $800 Million with his partners. The $900 Million debt he acquired to get 100% ownership will be paid off by the team’s profits. The only problem is that the fans still have to deal with Danny unless the long-awaited report on the sexual shenanigans at the WFT headquarters forces Goodell to take action and force a sale. (I’m giving 1,000 to 1 that that won’t happen.)

  11. If Snyder is the megalomaniacal control freak he’s reported to be, one wonders why he even wants minority partners.

  12. Not sure he’ll be able to buy a portion of the team if he continues to be involved in Roc Nation. He had to sell his portion of ownership of the Nets, because Roc Nation represents players as agents and it was a conflict of interest. Don’t know if they represent NFL players, but if they do, I don’t know how it would be any different in the NFL.

  13. I don’t think Dan Snyder is selling anything to anyone unless he can really fleece them and even the the part owner would have no say in the management of the team. All you have to seriously do is look at the way the franchise has been managed since he bought it. I’m not saying a part owner wouldn’t make money but I will say I don’t see a Super Bowl ring in Washington’s future either.

  14. Saying this dude “sang” anything is hilariously disrespectful to artists with talent.

  15. Would much rather see someone like Dale Earnhardt Jr. buy into the team. He is a true fan!

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