Lions first-round pick Penei Sewell says switching sides at tackle will be adjustment

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Detroit Lions first-round draft pick Penei Sewell was a left tackle throughout his time in college at Oregon. The Lions are asking him to switch to the right side of the line headed into his rookie season with the team.

Via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Sewell said the transition will take some work.

It is not that easy,” Sewell said.. “Man, it’s a whole different feel. Again, it’s like, let’s say I’m right-handed so I’ve been writing right-handed my whole life, and then one day you’re just asked to write your full name left-handed at full speed, the same speed that you write with your right hand. So yeah, it’s a little bit of an adjustment.”

Sewell isn’t completely new to the right side of the line, however. In high school he played at right tackle before making the move to the left side upon arriving at Oregon. He also did some work on the right side in the pre-draft process.

“I love the challenge and it’s something that I’m looking forward to,” Sewell said. “It takes me back to my high school days and looking forward to grow in that position.”

11 responses to “Lions first-round pick Penei Sewell says switching sides at tackle will be adjustment

  1. Bad move by the Lions. They need to put this guy in a position to succeed – not ruin his confidence and place him in an uncomfortable position.

  2. Dillard made this same argument a couple years ago for the Eagles. They tried him at RT for a game, and he was destroyed. Media and fans excoriated him for making this argument.
    The coaching staff still doesn’t trust him to take over EITHER tackle spot, at this point.
    What I’m saying is that this isn’t the best tactic to warn the coaches how very different RT and LT are.

  3. After watching tape on him I’m not sold that he will be a great OL. Seems to be slow and feet are slow too. Probably the reason he is moving to RT. Would not be surprised if he were moved to guard at some point.

  4. Hasn’t played a snap and already with the excuses? Doesn’t sound like much of a knee-biter to me.

  5. Same will be asked of Leatherwood and likely others from this draft.

    It’s a surprising comparison to me because being right-handed or leaft-handed is innate, something you’re basically “born with.” But playing on one side of the OL or another is completely learned behavior that you’ve only been doing for a handful of years, and not every single minute of day of your life, unlike being right-handed.

    If this switch really is THAT hard for Sewell, they need to get him back to LT ASAP.

  6. Typical Lions culture, send out those excuses early for poor performance!

  7. If they didn’t need a left tackle badly enough to draft Sewell to…you know…*play left tackle,* then why did they draft Sewell?

    Seriously, the difference between LT and RT is actually quite significant. If they didn’t see a need at that position, then drafting him was a bad move. It’s not like their roster didn’t have other holes.

  8. Some guys can play on either side of the line and some guys can’t. That “writing left-handed” excuse is tired and false. Rashawn Slater played every position on the offensive line in college. If the Lions wanted a right tackle, maybe they should have picked him.

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