Travis Kelce “intrigued” by possibility of Julio Jones joining Chiefs

NFL: DEC 06 Saints at Falcons
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The Patriots are the betting favorites to land Julio Jones. The Chiefs are not.

It makes sense, though, that if/when the Falcons trade the star receiver that he goes to a contender. Jones has a $15.3 million guaranteed salary this season, which the Falcons might have to pay a part of to grease the wheels. Between that and the compensation it will take to acquire him, the only teams that should have interest are those that feel Jones could provide the final piece of the Super Bowl puzzle.

Imagine Jones with Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman and Demarcus Robinson. Kelce has.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m intrigued,” Kelce said on ESPN’s NFL Live this week, via the Kansas City Star. “My eyes are open. I’m peeking at the headlines seeing where it goes. Listen, that’s a game-changer when you talk about guys that can make plays anywhere on the field, full route tree no matter where you put him. I mean that’s a guy that changes the game and changes teams, so I’m interested to see where he lands.”

The Chiefs attempted to land JuJu Smith-Schuster in free agency and reportedly had interest in Josh Reynolds and T.Y. Hilton. So it seems clear the Chiefs wouldn’t mind adding another veteran wideout, though they did draft Cornell Powell in the fifth round.

Adding Jones would put the Chiefs in the conversation with a handful of others for the team with the best group of wideouts.

8 responses to “Travis Kelce “intrigued” by possibility of Julio Jones joining Chiefs

  1. Chiefs have Hill and Hardman, I’d say that’s a top 5 WR duo, mainly because of Hill. But when you add Kelce, there’s no team with a better trio. With CEH getting a full year in, he’s going to be a stud. Add the fact the o-line is better… I hope they win every game by 20.

  2. kansas city doesn’t need to keep stacking the offense, they need to pay attention to the d.
    in all losses with mahomes as the starter, the chiefs have only lost 1 game where the opponent didn’t score 29 pts or more.

  3. It’s known in NFL circles outside of KC that Kelce is not well liked amongst other players. Julio does not want to play in KC.

  4. Adding Jones would put the Chiefs in the conversation with a handful of others for the team with the best group of wideouts.

    Hill is one of the best WR. Hardman is just a speed guy. Jones would add a top 15-20 WR to that group. I don’t think that puts them in the conversation with teams like Dallas or Tampa, but it puts them in the middle of a big group with Minnesota, Denver, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Arizona, Washington, LA Rams, Atlanta, Buffalo, and probably a few more that I’m missing.

    The difference that KC has that most of those other teams don’t (and I didn’t include since the article specifically mentioned WIDEOUTS) is the receiving threat from the Tight End position. Kelce is arguably the best receiving TE the game has ever seen and just by combining him with Hill alone, the Chiefs have one of the league’s best groups of “receivers”.

  5. If Atlanta’s dumb enough to get rid of him he deserves to get a shot at a ring with a team like KC, not be wasted on some bummy outfit like New England or Las Vegas etc.

  6. I could see him signing with KC, however that is a lot of cap space accounted for the next several seasons. I dont know think the new offensive line is going to work very well, the lineman arent from similar schemes that require a certain type of build, so it will probably be hard for them to grow continuity learning a brand new scheme. Most schemes demand a certain skillset or type of player for a reason. I have a feeling history is going to repeat itself for Andy Reid and trying to sign the free agent dream time, and the mighty KC Chiefs will falter until there are more home grown stars outside of Patrick Mahomes, Tyreke Hill, Chris Jones, Travis Kelce, and maybe CEH if his smaller body can prove to be durable.

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