Bruce Arians “pleased and excited” that Bucs’ veterans are working together

NFL: MAY 15 Buccaneers Rookie Minicamp
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As debates rage across the NFL about whether players should show up to voluntary workouts or work out on their own and risk losing their salaries if they get hurt away from the team facility, the Buccaneers have found an interesting compromise: Players are gathering for their own workouts, but at the team facility.

Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians loves it.

Really pleased and excited to see the guys working together,” Arians said Friday, via the Tampa Bay Times. “Zoom meetings have been excellent. We’ll be ready for minicamp to start a new journey.”

Arians said he doesn’t think veteran players need to be on the field at Organized Team Activities and he would rather focus on rookies anyway, but he urged veterans to work out at the facility for their own protection. The NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement requires teams to pay players their salaries if they miss the season because of an offseason injury suffered at the team facility, but it allows teams to avoid paying players anything if they get injured on their own.

We don’t know how many Buccaneers players are working out together at the team facility, but quarterbacks Tom Brady and Blaine Gabbert have reportedly been throwing to Rob Gronkowski, Cameron Brate, Mike Evans and Antonio Brown. Arians has promised them coaches won’t interfere with their workouts and that they can come and go as they please.

15 responses to “Bruce Arians “pleased and excited” that Bucs’ veterans are working together

  1. I hate the Buc’s but look out for them to maybe repeat this year. We’ll see, with TB12 at the healm its looking good for sure!

  2. This seems like a rational way to manage what is supposed to be a voluntary program. The veterans have their own personal fitness routines and they want to work together on what they feel they need to do together. Meanwhile, rookies and guys who are trying to make the cut put themselves in front of the coaches. Then everybody comes together at camp.

    Are other teams insisting that if players use the facility they have to be coached, even during what is supposed to be voluntary time? That seems dumb.

  3. Does not look like this team is resting on its laurels. Super bowl hang over, lol, looks like they are hungry, really hungry.

  4. Kinda looks like exploiting a loophole if you ask me _______________________________________________ Brady Effect, copy cat league. Other teams will copy as they adjust to player demands not to be at OTA’s. This will be the happy medium. Great to see Brady’s brilliance out the the shadow of BB with a coach who know how to stay out of TB’s way.

  5. jdphx says:

    May 29, 2021 at 8:32 am

    Kinda looks like exploiting a loophole if you ask me?

    What loophole do you think is being exploited? Players can and always have been able to work out at team facilities the only difference here is coaches and management are smart enough to make it known they wont get involved to make it more likely players come in.

  6. What the hell does this mean? Are they supposed to be working out for other teams?

  7. “”What loophole do you think is being exploited?””

    Maybe not being actively coached, by coaches running drills on the field.
    But you don’t think they aren’t watching? Maybe recording, and certainly
    taking notes?

  8. Just another example of Brady’s superb leadership ability. Starting early. Getting the guys together. He will not allow his teammates to suffer from post-SB victory brain fog, to rest on their laurels or otherwise become complacent. He will have them ready to defend their world championship.

  9. Brady has become a great leader for the Bucs both on and off the field.

  10. Not really a debate sorry, people whining about Brady and then upset he simply ‘goes for it’ and waits for people to debate about if it was ok, then gets to another Superbowl.

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