Patrick Peterson has Week 2 Vikings-Cardinals game circled on his calendar

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
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Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson is eager to show the Cardinals he still has plenty left in the tank.

Peterson, who signed with the Vikings this offseason after 10 yers with the Cardinals, said on his podcast that he’s already feeling excited about the Vikings-Cardinals game in Arizona in Week Two.

“The division games are going to be always a dogfight, you know what I mean” Peterson said, via the Arizona Republic, “but the one I circled is definitely Week 2, that’s not even close. That’s not even close.”

Peterson may be emotional about that game, but he added that he won’t let his emotions get the best of him during the game.

“I’m going to be juiced up going into that week, or whatever, but as far as once that game gets going, I’m going to be cool, calm, and collected because that’s when I’m at my best,” he said. “Like I said, I’m looking forward to that Week 2 matchup. Like J. Cole said, man, Applying Pressure, man, I can’t wait to show up and do what I do in they face. I can’t wait for that, to do what I do.”

21 responses to “Patrick Peterson has Week 2 Vikings-Cardinals game circled on his calendar

  1. He will have clean jersey and won’t tackle anyone. But he will collect that check and won’t be late for tee time.

  2. Unfortunately this is the Minnesota Vikings and they can butcher this game like they did in New Orleans, so don’t hold your breath waiting for this game.

  3. Hopkins vs Peterson. Get your popcorn ready. Problem for the Vikes will be AJ green on cb2.

  4. It will be Patrick Peterson. He will do a good job one on one against Hopkins…

    If he gets matched up against Rondale Moore… then Arizona just keeps sending out the extra point team.

  5. All these children mad at their old teams who made them millionaires. Grow up.

  6. Circled? For what? Are you looking forward to getting straight embarrassed ? Peterson is washed up and has been for years now. Hopkins will absolutely embarrass Peterson 1 on 1 and Peterson doesn’t have the strength nor the speed to keep up with Christian Kirk and Rondale Moore. On running downs Kingsbury needs to repeatedly keep running off that right side running right at Patrick Peterson because we all know he can’t and won’t tackle. Kingsbury should throw Rondale Moore, AJ Green and Chase Edmonds screen passes all day long run right directly at Peterson and watch how fast Peterson jumps outta the way or does his patented pretend to tackle move. That’s going to be a long dayyyytg at the office for Patrick Peterson come week two because he is going to get not only destroyed but embarrassed , bank on that.

  7. ohokgotit says:
    May 29, 2021 at 7:47 am
    He’s washed up. Minny got fleeced… again
    /////// it’s a one year contract for $8 mil. That would make it impossible to get fleeced, no matter how he plays. But tell us, what other fleecing has happened?

  8. DeAndre Hopkins will light Peterson up like a Christmas tree. Peterson will be the one trailing Hopkins down the field like a can tied behind a wedding limo.

    Fans here in AZ still miss the Honey Badger. No one is lamenting the fact that Peterson is gone. The fact that he is telling us how good he is, after having had the past couple of seasons to let his play do the talking, proves as much.
    Be careful what you wish for, Patrick.

  9. Well if he wants to be like that, here are his weaknesses.

    Can tackle, but not willingly. Run at him. Keep running at him. Especially the bigger backs.

    Can’t play zone. Just a guy in zone. Plays disinterested. If Vikings use him in zone ROFL. He’s a man corner exclusively.

    Has lost a step, so he better not be on a speed or change of direction guy. Gets beat pretty often, but because of his smarts can catch up and make a play or int if the ball is late and the positional advantage is wasted by the throw.

    Still smart in coverage so don’t make a mistake and will bait.

    Overall he’s on the decline, and because he’s no good in zone and our DC Vance Joseph wants to play more zone, there was little to no reason to keep him. Especially with a down cap year.

  10. Patrick also has January 10th circled as the beginning of his off season.

  11. This type of vindictive behavior is exactly why it was time for P2 to move on… Last year he spent too much time screaming and yelling at the officials for bad calls which literally affected the psychology of the rest of the team (remember he wore a “C” on his jersey). Most of the folks in Arizona wish him well and hope he can revitalize his career in MN. He will always hold a special place our Cardinal Hearts.

  12. He should circle the super bowl weekend if he really wants to show everyone how great he is.

  13. “I’m going to be juiced up going into that week, or whatever,”

    Not a very intelligent statement to make when you were suspended for 6 games in 2019 for PED use.

  14. What a loser.

    These Millennials who have inflated opinions and massive egos are a problem in society in general.

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