Seahawks emerge as a potential Julio Jones trade destination

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Two teams currently have tenuous relationships with their franchise quarterbacks. The best way for either team to mend fences could be to trade for Julio Jones.

In recent episodes of PFT Live, Simms and I have mentioned both the Packers and Seahawks as potential destinations for Jones. In either situation, the arrival of Julio would become a clear indication that management has decided to cater to Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson, respectively.

The Packers have not yet been linked to Jones. The Seahawks have now been linked to Jones. According to Dianna Russini of, the Seahawks “have had discussions” with the Falcons about a possible trade. Also, Wilson and Jones reportedly have spoken to each other about the possibility of playing together.

It won’t be easy for the Seahawks to get Jones. They don’t have a first-round pick in 2022, and their second-round pick likely will be low in the pecking order. The Seahawks also would have to create some cap space for Jones and his $15.3 million salary in 2021.

It also would represent a clear indication that the Seahawks intend to keep Wilson around for more than the 2021 season. It would become awkward, to say the least, if the Seahawks trade for Jones and then, after the coming season, trade Wilson.

But that would be the point of doing it, if it happens. The broader purpose would be to find a way to make Wilson happy and determined to stay in Seattle. To show him that he has influence over the roster. To stop treating him like an employee.

Or maybe they’re simply talking to the Falcons in order to placate Wilson, who wanted Josh Gordon in the past and more recently has lobbied for Antonio Brown. Coach Pete Carroll and/or G.M. John Schneider can plausibly tell Wilson that they looked into it, and that they realized they couldn’t pull it off.

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  1. Only way Packers trading for Julio Jones makes sense is if they’re trading Aaron Rodgers to the Falcons.

  2. Seahawks mortgage their future to placate Russell Wilson?… interesting and just like with AB and Tampa, this whole scenario could be more to get other teams to up their offers to Atlanta. Seattle can only trade their first in ’23 and probably have to give players in any trade to come in under the cap, even if they wait until after June 1st. I can’t see Atlanta wanting that trade.

  3. The Seahawks can restructure one or both Russell Wilson & Bobbie Wagner’s contracts or do extensions to free up the needed Cap Space. It isn’t just to placate Russell, the move would lock Russell for the long term.

  4. Russel Wilson has WRs… good ones in fact. What RW doesn’t have is o-lineman and Jones is no o-lineman.

  5. It’s the Rams.. NO WAIT… it’s the Eagles… NO WAIT… it’s the Patriots… NO WAIT…. It’s all one bad dream he’s not going anywhere

  6. Is Jones good at the scramble drill? Because that represents the lion’s share of Wilson passing game…….

  7. The Packers will have a more than adequate receiving corps, and better than the squad last season. Rodgers will be bypassing his last best chance to do something great if he overlooks that fact and this excellent Packer team.

  8. Anyone ever heard of fools gold, well a first rounded for someone who is on his way down is exactly that.

  9. Russ really needs another target for him to glance at at then scramble for 2 instead.

  10. Julio’s agent sure is receiving a lot of help shopping his client. He must provide some good inside information to the media, and now he’s getting his payback.

  11. No amount of grasping at non-existent straws by the Seahawks and their fans will prevent the dumpster fire in Seattle this season.

  12. I think Russell Wilson would benefit more if the Seahawks signed OT Mitchell Schwartz. Signing Jones for more than Metcalf and Lockett are making will undermine the long term stability of the Seahawks’ WR corps.

  13. Didn’t the Seahawks already try route this with Percy Harvin? Harvin made a splash in one game – albeit it was the Super Bowl – and sat most of the season with injuries, migraines and his attitude.

  14. This would be a dumb for SEA at this point because they have a very good WR corps and they’ll have to pay DK in the near future. SEA defense is in rough shape and their depth is very poor across the board defensively. SEA has a poor front 7, no real pass rusher on the Edge other than 32yr old Carlos Dunlap, they need someone to replace him and ideally will need two bookend pass rushers in today’s NFL. Bobby Wagner is beginning to decline and that will only get worse with Bobby going on like 32-33yrs old, Jury is out on Jordyn Brooks but he sucked his rookie year posting a PFF grade in the 40s, Cody Barton is a JAG. At corner SEA has real problems , Witherspoon isn’t the answer. Tre Brown might be a solid #2 but he is short for the position at just 5”10. Long story short is the Hawks defense needs a lot of attention more attention than I can remember in the PC era and it gets a little worse each year. SEA can no longer afford to mortgage their draft picks, they need to start keeping those high picks and investing them in the front 7 and into the defense overall.

  15. Trying to win a super bowl would be letting the players run the team. Green Bay won’t get him.

  16. hawkkiller, do you even follow football?

    Almost nothing you said is accurate.

    Like zero.

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