Johnathan Abram: Casey Hayward “a tremendous help” to Raiders defense

Los Angeles Chargers defeat the Atlanta Falcons 20-17 during a NFL football game.
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When the Raiders signed cornerback Casey Hayward, General Manager Mike Mayock said “kids in the room are going to look up to him” because of the experience he brings to the lineup.

Hayward has nine years of NFL experience under his belt and the last four of those seasons saw him playing for the Chargers in a defense put together by coordinator Gus Bradley. Bradley was hired to do the same job for the Raiders before Hayward joined the club, which gives Hayward insight into the scheme that safety Johnathan Abram says has been valuable to his new teammates.

“Getting a chance to know him, be around him, he’s a guy who’s been in the system, going on six years. Just seeing the amount of things he saw. The starts that he got in this system. He pretty much knows it all,” Abram said, via Levi Damien of “He goes out there, he talks every single play, in and out of the play. It’s just amazing to see. It’s very helpful for guys like me and other guys trying to learn this system. He’s been a tremendous help and I’m very glad he’s going to be a part of this team.”

The Raiders have not been impressive defensively in four years under head coach Jon Gruden and the move to Bradley was made in hopes of turning that around. Hayward will be part of that effort on the field, but his work off of it may be just as important in Las Vegas.

6 responses to “Johnathan Abram: Casey Hayward “a tremendous help” to Raiders defense

  1. Defense hasn’t been good in 17 out of 18 years so let’s get that straight right now

  2. The Raiders will never be the team of old under Madden as long as they have Gruden and his assistants as their head coach. he belongs in mothballs he stinks so bad as an NFL football coach.when will Raider fans wake up to his ineptitude and demand his replacement.

  3. another example of why the packs draft and development scheme is a failure. Spent three years plus dev Hayward and he walks for Mo money just about the same time his star is starting to shine.
    They prob got a late round cond for him.

  4. It’s like having a player/coach out on the field with a very young secondary. He’ll be answering questions before they’re even asked. He’ll be telling them what’s getting ready to happen, before it happens. At some point, the youngsters will learn all this stuff, but having Hayward on the field will shorten the learning curve a lot.

  5. The only thing keeping me from being truly excited about what the Raiders did this offseason addressing the secondary was retaining Lawson.

    It shows a clear lack of awareness by the coaching staff, when people play bad then you dont reward them with a contract even if its a depth signing. Pay a cheaper, younger more hungry guy to go out there and possibly surprise you, you already know what youre getting with Lawson so why waste the money?

  6. Abram sounded really nervous when he was asked about the depth acquired at safety. I hope he plays well this season. I think he has the potential, but time waits for no man.

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