Patrick Mahomes would welcome the challenge of Aaron Rodgers in the AFC West

NFL: OCT 27 Packers at Chiefs
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In the unlikely event that the Packers decide to trade quarterback Aaron Rodgers, he quite possibly will be traded to the Denver Broncos, of the AFC West. That would guarantee two showdowns per year against the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

So how does Mahomes feel about that possibility? He addressed it from the 15 and the Mahomies golf tournament in Hawaii.

Obviously, it’d be awesome,” Mahomes said. “To have that challenge . . . two times a year, every single year. It would be a great, great  opportunity. I mean, he’s a heck of a football player. He’s been doing it for a long time that I’ve watched play and learned a lot from. But definitely if he came to the AFC West, it would make it a little tougher for us, but we’re up to the challenge.”

There’s still no reason to think the Packers would trade Rodgers. His wish list consists, as we’ve previously reported, of the 49ers, Broncos, and Raiders. With the 49ers going all in with Trey Lance (and Jimmy Garoppolo), that leaves the Broncos and Raiders. Both are in the AFC West. Either would result in Mahomes seeing Rodgers twice per year.

Rodgers and Mahomes have yet to square off. In 2019, Mahomes had a knee injury. They’re due to meet in Week Nine of the 2021 season, if Rodgers is playing for the Packers. If he’s playing for the Broncos or Raiders, they’ll meet twice this season.

Again, the Packers have shown no inclination to trade Rodgers. While that can change at any given moment, the Packers have held firm for weeks.

33 responses to “Patrick Mahomes would welcome the challenge of Aaron Rodgers in the AFC West

  1. Mahomes already has to deal with that young stud Herbert. He ain’t worried about old man Rodgers.

  2. The Broncos will have the best QB in the AFC if Rodgers go to Denver, sorry Chiefs fans.

  3. One thing is for certain, Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t welcome the challenge of you Patrick. He wilts in big-time games against other elite QBs. 1-3 vs Brady. Would probably go 0-4 vs you and decide to call it quits.

  4. Yes, yes please! Do it! The Raiders still have no QB, lmao!

  5. It would definitely be fun for Mahomes. For Rodgers, not so much. If his puffery over the last couple of months is so he can see what teams are interested, if it’s just the underwhelming broncos or undermanned raiders he’ll stay with green bay.

  6. Mahomes comes across as being a better person than Rodgers, a better QB too.

  7. Aaron won’t be much of a challenge because the price to acquire him will will damage the Broncos now and in the future. You’ll be looking at trading 2 or 3 future first round picks and 3 or more players just to squeeze this to fit the cap. To get the princess You’ll probably be saying goodbye to Chubb, Fuller, Sultan, and a WR. If it’s worth it to you, go ahead and be stupid, but knock yourself out. I don’t see it happening at all, sorry for crushing your dreams Bronco’s fans. Aaron will either be putting on a green jersey this year or he can pay back almost 30 mil and have a fun retirement.

  8. Mahomes is at the point right now where he’s the best QB in the league. He feels like he should win every game, and that’s the way he should feel.

  9. that would be awesome if Rodgers went to the broncos and Watson went to the raiders…

  10. Save it, Pat. Your scheme was exposed and the blueprint is out there for the league to stop that gimmicky offense. Broncos get Rodgers and you don’t make the playoffs unless you sweep the Chargers.

  11. The reality is that QBs don’t play each other, as much as people like to make it QB vs QB. Mahomes is going to face the Broncos defense, not the QB.

  12. Yep make it happen so we can see Aaron blow in the playoffs against Patrick

  13. What else would he say? This is getting silly. Goodell’s idea of the NFL dominating the sports headlines 24/7, 365 is a bad one. People are going to grow tired of this. People need a break. I curse social media and wish it would disappear forever.

  14. Of course Mahomes would welcome Rodgers to the AFC West.

    Aaron barely beat Mahomes “legendary” backup, Matt Moore, when the Packers last played the Chiefs in 2019 (13 – 3 season for the Pack).

    Mahomes ain’t afraid of any divas…

  15. gtodriver says:
    June 1, 2021 at 5:43 am
    Of course Mahomes would welcome Rodgers to the AFC West.

    Aaron barely beat Mahomes “legendary” backup, Matt Moore, when the Packers last played the Chiefs in 2019 (13 – 3 season for the Pack).
    And the Vikings (10-6) couldn’t even beat Matt Moore and the Chiefs that same season. 🤣

    No, I doubt any of this will even happen, but if Rodgers somehow would end up in the AFC West, be prepared for several fan bases becoming insufferable, whiny, diaper babies.
    That is if they’re anything like Lion, Bear, or Viking fans. 😉

  16. Great comment by Mahomes. It just shows his love of the game, his desire to achieve great things in this league, and the respect he has for the great QBs who are nearing the end of their careers.
    Why not Peyton 2.0 in Denver. They seem to have a no fly zone again, a very talented receiving corp, and a solid O-Line.
    Would be great if the GB staff finally decides to trade him, without asking for the moon, out of respect for Rodgers who gave his best in those 16 years. But that’s a Walt Disney scenario I guess.

  17. Chiefs fan in LA says:
    May 31, 2021 at 11:29 pm
    that would be awesome if Rodgers went to the broncos and Watson went to the raiders…


    This has nothing to do with the Raiders, plus the Raiders are not in the same category as the Chiefs, nor the Broncos. The Raiders are at the very beginning of their rebuild and even if they got Watson, he’s not going to be the answer. The Raiders missed their window after the Mack trade and bringing in clowns like Gruden and Mayock to further keep that team waaaaaaaay out of playoff contention.

  18. Love all the Brady fanboys who completely ignore the fact that Brady layed an egg in the nfccg but because they still won, Brady beat Rodgers. Never seen fans so worked up over a 73 qbr and 3 int’s.

  19. Rodgers aint’t coming to any division where he has to face that kind of talent twice in the regular season. Plus Herbert? No…not unless they give him stupid money. Even if they do, it will be a retirement tour.

  20. Watch what you wish for, Patrick.

    I remember, years ago, players in the NFC West talking about how they liked having Joe Montana in their division….for more competitive.

    Those players, on the other NFC teams didn’t get a whiff of the playoffs for over 12 years.

  21. Mahomes is such a choir boy. Whatever team in the AFC West Rodgers joined would instantly become the best team in the AFC West. Mahomes is a one hit wonder at best.

  22. “Sure he would, Mahomes would win most of those matchups.”

    This isn’t MMA. THe rest of the team really does matter. I’d say it’s a tossup as to which QB is better. Right now, they are the two top QBs in the league. But Rodgers is getting old and Mahomes hasn’t even hit his prime years.

    ROdgers knows taht the MVP, last year, was likely his peak…and his peak trade value. His value drops from this point forward….and the Packers are betting on that .

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