17-0 Chiefs? It’s a 40-1 shot

Super Bowl LV
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Before the Chiefs can become the first team to go 20-0, they need to go 17-0. And you can bet on whether they will.

Via PointsBet, the Chiefs have the best odds of any team to go undefeated in the NFL’s first-ever 17-game season, at +4000. The Buccaneers have +5000 odds to accomplish that same feat.

Since they don’t play each other, there’s a chance both will go 17-0.

At the other end of the spectrum are the Lions and Texans. Houston has +2500 odds to become the first 0-17 team in league history. The Lions are +2800 to do the same. They don’t play each other, either; they both could could go 17-0.

The Lions were the first team to go 0-16, in 2008. A year earlier, the Patriots became the first and only team to go 16-0.

25 responses to “17-0 Chiefs? It’s a 40-1 shot

  1. They won’t, neither will the Bucs. There will always be a game or two every season where even the most focused teams will lose that focus and not play well.

  2. Again, not happening. I do remember a certain team from Vegas beating these guys down last year.

  3. It would be exciting to see teams from both conferences go into the Super Bowl undefeated.

  4. If I had to bet any money on a 17-0 season I would bet it on the Chiefs. But I would not be much.

  5. If Aaron Rodgers goes to the Broncos, the AFC West becomes the strongest division in the conference, so 17-0 under those circumstances is remote, much more than 40-1. More than that, though, I think the Chiefs’ defense is suspect. Had the situation required it, I think Brady and the Bucs could have put up 45 on the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. They will lose three games at least, probably four or five.

  6. It would be cool, but teams rest starters if they’re in the playoffs, so even at 15-0 you’d be looking at having to win 2 games with backups. Not happening.

  7. Belichick gave the league blueprint on how to stop the Chiefs offense. If the Patriots didn’t have Hoyer at QB, they beat the Chiefs last year. Then Tampa copied the blueprint and won the SB. More teams will try to do the same this year so I don’t see how the Chiefs go undefeated.

  8. Only if their top heavy roster has no injuries, with little money the backups and several starters would barely make the practice squads of other teams. Last year, they lost a few lineman at the wrong time and they were replaced with basically human turnstiles.

  9. A lot of casino bosses have built mansions on futures. What is the strike rate on a future regardless of sport? Maybe like 2-3%?

    Futures are sucker bets

  10. 17-0,not happening. The Chiefs have a solid team but any team that gets whacked with injuries at key positions are destined to lose a bunch of games. I think a 13 to 14 win season sounds about right for them this coming season.

  11. That’s a bad bet.

    First – as a longtime Eagles fan – I can tell you Andy Reid 100% will rest starters as soon as he has a big enough lead for the #1 seed. That almost guarantees it won’t happen alone because if they were 15-0, it’s unlikely anyone would be close enough in the standings to prevent AR from sitting Mahomes, Kelce, Hill and some other key guys.

    Second – their revamped offensive line is very talented, but it will take some time to gel. They could have a couple iffy games early in the season and lose to someone no one would expect.

    Third – they are starting to have salary cap issues and aren’t a deep team. They have had very good injury luck the last few years and need it to continue to remain a top-tier team all season long. They also lost some guys on defense in the offseason that may have an impact on their underrated defense.

  12. Raiders manhandled them in KC and nearly beat them a second time in LV, if not for their bottom ranked defense not holding onto the lead which they had most of the game. They will be lucky to win their own division with the emergence of San Diego and the Raiders much improved defense.
    Add a possible Rogers to Denver scenario and the Chiefs chances of going undefeated in their own division are slim – for the entire schedule, it is laughable.
    Love watching Mahomes play, but he should keep these types of comments to himself, it makes him look foolish.

  13. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    June 1, 2021 at 1:22 pm
    Belichick gave the league blueprint on how to stop the Chiefs offense. If the Patriots didn’t have Hoyer at QB, they beat the Chiefs last year. Then Tampa copied the blueprint and won the SB. More teams will try to do the same this year so I don’t see how the Chiefs go undefeated.
    No. There’s no telling what would have happened if Newton was there. The guy threw a total of 5 INT’s and 1 TD (total running and passing) in successive games at one point last season.

    Belichick may have provided some ideas for the Bucs D, the Chargers may have as well. Everything that happens in football isn’t the result of Bill Belichick.

  14. One reason they might not go undefeated–They face Justin Herbert and an improved O-line twice, and the Broncos and Raiders always play them tough as well.

  15. 20-0, now that’s funny right there I don’t care who you are that there is funny!

    BTW I see the Chiefs at 0-3(worst) or 1-2(best) going into week 4.

  16. The Raiders took KC down last season in the exact same way TB did. With 150% maximum hustle on defense, chasing Mahomes all over the yard with no let-up, not even for a second. Mahomes must have run a couple miles all tolled in each of those games.

    Not only CAN it be done, it WILL be done, probably 4 or 5 times in 2021 despite their moves on the OL. That’s my guess.

  17. Can we please stop with the nonsense predictions. Favorites to win the AFC again for sure but in this era, no team has the players to go undefeated.

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