Bruce Arians: Some guys don’t realize they’re fighting for jobs this offseason

NFL: MAY 15 Buccaneers Rookie Minicamp
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The Buccaneers have been light on veteran players during the voluntary portion of their offseason program, but many of their player have been working out together and head coach Bruce Arians said he’s “pleased and excited” about that.

His positivity isn’t boundless, however. On Tuesday, Arians said he’s been happy with what he’s seen from the 40 or so players that have been participating in organized team activities but that he thinks some of the players who have been missing may be missing some writing on the wall.

“These guys out here are working their ass off,” Arians said, via Greg Auman of “I’d like to see about 10 more of them that are fighting for jobs that they don’t know they’re fighting for.”

Arians didn’t specify which players, but he did say that he hopes running back Ke'Shawn Vaughn, who worked out with the group organized by quarterback Tom Brady Tuesday, makes a “better decision” later this week. Wide receiver Tyler Johnson did the same, but Arians said he’s not a “dumbass” and might make the same decision if his job involved catching Brady’s passes.

4 responses to “Bruce Arians: Some guys don’t realize they’re fighting for jobs this offseason

  1. This whole issue could be solved if all “voluntary” offseason workouts were either: 1) required or 2) cancelled.

    Neither of which will happen.

    So there are two more realistic options: 3) Voluntary, but you better be there (i.e., voluntold) or 4) Truly optional, with no repercussions for not showing up.

    Ron Rivera seems to be going with option 4, telling players he appreciates them being there. And for those not there yet, he’ll welcome then when they’re ready. That seems to be the right attitude.

    They all know they’re competing for jobs. The military model of management for professional athletes 9or really, in most workplaces) doesn’t really work well anymore.

  2. For borderline players this should be obvious. Take every opportunity available.

  3. Thought Brady was this great “team player”.
    When he calls up certain guys to go work out with him away from the facility when everyone else is there, it only puts certain players in a difficult position. When Tom Brady calls, it’s difficult to say no to him. You want him to be able to trust and count on you. On the other hand, the coaches want to see you and know that you are also doing what they want you to do.
    I don’t understand why Tom would put guys in that position.

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