Chad Wheeler’s trial date pushed back to July

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The trial date for former Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler’s domestic violence case has been pushed back to July 22, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

The trial initially was set for April 6 but changed to June before the most recent delay.

“Dates remain fluid as the discovery process continues,” Pelissero said. “Another preliminary hearing is set for Thursday.”

Wheeler has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest. The Jan. 22 incident left his girlfriend with significant injuries, including a concussion and fractured arm.

The Seahawks waived Wheeler shortly after news of his arrest.

6 responses to “Chad Wheeler’s trial date pushed back to July

  1. This guy is a disgrace, but then again Goodell has covered for Turdell Suggs, Ray Rice, Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill to name a few.

  2. For those who have forgotten this story do read the initial report. This walking piece of bleep “thought” he had killed the woman in question. He injured officers responding as I recall as well and that angle should also be highlighted. A man of such strength who chooses to assault a woman to the point he thinks she’s dead and he just continues to remain in the room after. Not a sudden OMG what I have I done and runs, no, it was casual. Like his response when she reveals herself to be alive “you’re alive?”
    Humanity at times recognizes a danger to us all and we pull that person out of circulation. For his actions to the woman, to the officers, I hope we don’t hear the name Chad Wheeler and think of anything but a small box with bars on one side for decades.

  3. I’d like to send the 11 people, who gave me a thumbs down for saying a man who attempted to murder a woman, and thought he was successful, to jail for life too. Human scum meet human scum.

  4. heLLpaso says: Human scum meet human scum.

    I hear you…despicable actions by this animal…but maybe some of us “scum” think even he ought to have a trial, along with some mental evaluation before we decide to throw away the key on a 27 year old man. OTOH, if there are no mitigating factors, I’m with you.

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