Eagles gain cap space this week, could get more by moving Zach Ertz

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers
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The Eagles start June with just under $4 million in cap space to put toward signing their draft picks, but they’ll have more of it at their disposal on Wednesday.

Defensive tackle Malik Jackson and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery were designated as post-June 1 cuts when the team released them earlier this year. Once Tuesday is over, those moves will be processed on the salary cap front and the team will realize about $4 million in cap space as a result.

The change in months offers another avenue to increased cap space. Trading or cutting tight end Zach Ertz would save the team $8.5 million with $4.2 million in dead money as opposed to just under $5 million in savings against just under $7.8 million in dead money.

Ertz has not been in attendance at the team’s offseason program and trade chatter has been frequent this offseason, although General Manager Howie Roseman said in early May that he’ll do what’s best for the team and that Ertz is “a good player, a good person and he’s under contract.”

8 responses to “Eagles gain cap space this week, could get more by moving Zach Ertz

  1. Hopefully Roseman uses this year as a salary cap “reset”. Most of the Eagles salary cap problems can be traced to Roseman pushing guaranteed money into the future. The Eagles had the highest league total in guaranteed money pushed into future years which left them with very limited options.

    You can’t push your mistakes into future years forever or you end up with last year’s team. One of the most expensive bad teams in history with no way to right the ship after years of mismanagement.

  2. Even after facing a salary-cap reckoning this year, the Eagles are still strapped with several bad contracts Howie gave to declining veterans.

    I still have no idea what they were thinking with the Jeffery contract several years later. The guy never posted anything close to #1 receiver numbers with the birds, had no chemistry with Wentz (although he went bonkers in that one postseason with Foles under center), and was coming off of a serious shoulder injury at an advanced age for a WR.

    Yet in their exuberance from finally winning a championship, they gave him a massive, #1 receiver contract, then later compounded the mistake by guaranteeing more of his contract as part of a restructure. The average Madden player in franchise mode wouldn’t even do any of that.

  3. The average Madden player in franchise mode wouldn’t even do any of that.

    Good point. You can’t restructure contracts in madden franchise, because EA only cares about ultimate team.

  4. Cap obsessives looking for reasons to hate will never understand that there is no concrete correlation between cap space and wins.

    Here are the names of some NFL teams: Bucaneers, Titans, Raiders, Falcons, Saints, Bills, Giants, Packers.

    Guess what they have in common? They’re all among teams with the least amount of cap space.

    Some of them are winners, some of them aren’t.

  5. Eagles fans shouldn’t worry about the cap, that’s the one thing that Howie can do right…drafting some decent players and having players stay healthy is our biggest problem imo. I’m very happy with our draft picks this year so maybe the tide is turning

  6. I think Howie would have been wise to trade Ertz along w\ Wentz to IND, we probably could have got a #2 this year and a #1 & 3# this year.

  7. The story right above this (Bills clear a bunch of space by restructuring Diggs’ contract) is probably related to Ertz.

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