Seahawks become the new betting favorites to land Julio Jones

NFL: JAN 14 NFC Divisional Playoff - Seahawks at Falcons
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On the eve of the arrival of the period for a potential Julio Jones trade, a new betting favorite has emerged: The Seahawks.

PointsBet has Seattle as a +225 proposition to make the deal, followed by the Titans at +250. Next come the Eagles at +275, followed by the Ravens and 49ers at +300.

The Patriots, the prior favorites at +150, have plunged to +450. The Chargers stand at +800, the Packers are at +1200, the Colts are at +1400, and the Rams and Jaguars are at +1600.

As Simms and I discussed on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Seattle should be regarded as a longshot. If it’s true that they’ve talked to the Falcons about a trade for Jones, the Seahawks quite possibly did so simply to placate quarterback Russell Wilson, who presumably would like to add Jones to the offense.

Coach Pete Carroll likes to run the ball. Adding Jones would give the Seahawks three high-end receivers. They recently signed Tyler Lockett to a new contract, and DK Metcalf becomes eligible for a second contract after the coming season. As recently noted, Jones will want a new contract either on the way through the door or after the 2021 season. It just doesn’t seem to fit with the overall Seattle approach.

If they’d do it, however, it would be a sign that the Seahawks are willing to do whatever has to be done to make Wilson happy, and to ensure that he sticks around for the balance of his career. Or at least beyond 2021 and, at the latest, 2022.

Over the weekend, the prevailing thought in league circles was that Jones eventually will be traded to the Titans for a second-round pick. However, the silence from New England invites speculation that coach Bill Belichick is watching and waiting, and potentially pouncing.

Either way, a trade officially can happen as soon as tomorrow. In more than five weeks since the Falcons have been trying to trade Julio Jones, no clear and obvious favorite has emerged.

37 responses to “Seahawks become the new betting favorites to land Julio Jones

  1. Make it happen. Good QB who needs a receiver and outta the AFC.

  2. touchback6 says:
    June 1, 2021 at 8:58 pm
    BB quiet. Waiting in the weeds.


    Why would BB want Jones? He has N’Keal Harry as his #1

  3. Would be a terrible move! Your defense is your problem but no let’s make sure russ can cook

  4. Wait long enough and your team can be the new betting favorites to land Julio as well!

  5. No amount of receiver help is going to keep Russ from getting knocked on his can 5 times a game.

  6. My guess is the betting action died down and they needed to shake it up to get more people wagering. That’s all. It’s like a proposition bet.

  7. Hope they get him….let them loose draft pick & hurt their salary cap for years

  8. Well he would fit perfect. Since Julio can’t find the end zone to save his life then Pete can call running plays to score.

  9. This is Jerry Rice 2004, Percy Harvin, and Jimmy Graham — all over again.
    If Seattle wants to hedge against injury to ball handlers, then they need RBs.
    If Seattle wants to provide QB Wilson with sufficient time to pass to their exising WR corps, then they need more depth at OL — again to hedge against injury — such as signing OT Mitchell Schwartz, a UFA that doesn’t cost a single draft pick.
    If Seattle wants to place less wear & tear on QB Wilson, by increasing the run percentage, then they need a better CB to augment SS Adams, to bolster the defense — so that QB Wilson is not always coming from behind in the 4th qtr.
    If Seattle wants to keep their WR corps happy, signing a player with a higher salary and even higher health risks, signals that Metcalf, Lockett, and Adams, will also need to “break the bank” in Seattle.

    Nothing about signing a super high cost ball handler makes sense. Their ball handler weakness is at TIGHT END, for the short passing game that OC Shane Waldron will be enhancing. Gerald Everett is 21st TE in the league with a 66% catch rate.

    If they want more WR depth, Seattle should look at Keke Coutee next year.

  10. This is likely an attempt to get the Rams to overpay.

    No way Seattle can afford this.

  11. Roddy White dropped off a cliff his last season, only a year older than Julio is now. That was it. I expect Jones to give some team one good year, but Atlanta would be lucky to get a high pick for this injury-prone, dimming superstar.

  12. If a deal is not done on June 2 then that may indicate that the asking price is too high for Julio at his current salary. Maybe the Falcons would consider just cutting Julio if salary relief is their ultimate goal.

  13. Needless to say that receiving corps would be insane. But what if the QB has D lineman piled up on him every snap? Wouldn’t amount to much.

  14. People still on the BB train even though just about every trade and draft pick he has made the last 4 years has been a failure. Blind sheep will follow.

  15. Trying to placate a disgruntled QB with an oft-injured 32 year old WR. I don’t see this ending well.

  16. If the Falcons don’t find a suitor, I can only imagine the drama that will follow JJ all season. Better for all of us if a deal gets done.

  17. Seahawks clearly have done their due diligence regarding adding him. I would bet that the decision to do that is not to “placate” Russell Wilson as much as it is to see if there is a reasonable chance to improve the team, within future CAP constraints.

  18. If Sanu was a two BB won’t have another pick this decade if he trades for Jones.

  19. BB is a nobody now (except in the minds of his believers who desperately want to see him succeeding in coming season) , just like Jason Licht and Bruce Arian before Brady.

  20. I get that this is an actual thing, but seriously- who is betting money on stuff like this?
    These people need to seek help for their gambling problem.

  21. Seattle knows that this is Wilson’s last year in Seattle, he wants to follow LeBron and be the non-responsible GM and Seattle doesn’t want that diva type player, so Seattle is going to go all in this year then trade Russ next year probably to the Raiders (it they don’t already have Aaron) along with getting rid of players like Wagner and start a rebuild with a new head coach.

  22. umm i don’t think receiver is a problem on that team…why not put that cash to use to, i dunno maybe, shore up the o-line or something lol

  23. Stretching the field is great. But it needs to be balanced with having a quick dump-off release valve. Having 3 deep threats might force the defense to guard it a bit more, but I’m hoping the Seahawks can develop more interior short passes to offset the quick pass-rush. Put DK Metcalf in the crossing route and let him run.

  24. Stretching the field is great. But it needs to be balanced with having a quick dump-off release valve.


    That is the hardest way to SCORE. Such plays are safe only if QB throws like 1 yard on 1st and 10, or 4 yards on 3rd and 7, otherwise any misfire by 1 or 2 yards may lead to interception, because defenders are watching QB in the eyes and may cut in front of the defenders.

    The interceptions on short passes can be very costly, even on percentage-wise interceptions are less likely. On the other hand, the interception on long passes are more or less like punts and less costly because there are lot of players between the defenders and endzone.

  25. Julio will be just like the other wide receivers up there in rain city…. trying to locate the ball coming out of little Russ’ hand while he is running for his life or lying flat on his back

    Perhaps giving him a decent OL might be a better idea??

  26. Perhaps giving him a decent OL might be a better idea??


    Running QB in general makes his OL much worse than it is, because O-linemen don’t know where their QB is, so they can’t push pass rushers aside and have to hold pass rushers in front of them, for longer time than they have to to protecting a pocket passer.

    Also running QB are among the worst QB on timing of throwing balls, so they can’t throw unless his receivers get much bigger separations, like getting behind defenders, or running a route that no defenders are in front of them. (so timing is not important)

  27. If teams are smart they’d just sit back and wait. No way he stays with the Falcons so they will end up just releasing him. Then the highest bidder can sign him for a lot less than the Falcons were on the hook for. Of course not all NFL teams are smart.

  28. The Raiders will gladly overpay for him even though they have a good group of (very) young WRs.

  29. So the top 5 bets for getting Jones are between…2.25:1 and 3:1……..a complete guess as far as sports books go.

    Eventually, every team in the NFL will be the favorite to get Julio, which means that he’s staying in Atlanta

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