Zac Taylor: Ja’Marr Chase is picking up the offense really quickly


Ja'Marr Chase hasn’t been around the Bengals facility for long, but he’s making a positive impression on his head coach.

During his Tuesday press conference, Zac Taylor said this year’s No. 5 overall pick has been working on getting the nuances of the offense down during OTAs. And apparently he’s had no trouble doing so.

“Ja’Marr has been impressive. He picks it up really quickly,” Taylor said. “I know there’s probably some new terms that are crossover from some old terms he’s had that, like any young receiver, it takes a couple days to get adjusted to. But man, he gets lined up quick, he knows what to do, he’s got great hands. He’s everything we hoped he could be here through just the first couple of practices. But really excited to see when we can actually strap on the pads in training camp and see what his game looks like then.”

If Chase gets a good grasp on the offense now, he could be in line for a big rookie season — especially since quarterback Joe Burrow continues to make progress in his recovery from reconstructive knee surgery.

9 responses to “Zac Taylor: Ja’Marr Chase is picking up the offense really quickly

  1. Shouldn’t be hard with all the short routes he will have to run behind that O-line, just so they can keep Burrow alive….said it before will say it again Burrow won’t sign in Cincinnati after his rookie deal!!

  2. Apparently everyone is an OL expert. Carman and Reiff additions plus the Williams next step will significantly improve this line and then everyone will be eating their words.

  3. If Williams lives up to what we all thought he can be the Bengals will be tough. Still probably 4th in the division but only because that division is so good. I can see them winning 9 games if the line comes together. If it doesnt though, Burrow is a dead man.

  4. Won’t matter if his QB is always lying on his arse because the OL sucks.

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