Carson Wentz organizing summer workouts for Colts before training camp

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Colts quarterback Carson Wentz is making an effort to become the leader of his new team, and an increasingly common part of the job of being an NFL franchise quarterback is organizing summer workouts.

Wentz revealed that he’s working on organizing workouts with his teammates in the weeks between the end of the Colts’ offseason program and the start of training camp.

“I’m not 100 percent sure of the details yet,” Wentz said, via ESPN. “We’ll get together maybe even here in June and then probably in July as well. I’ve done that in the past in Philly as well and it’s just a great time to not just get the physical work on the field, but to get together and bond outside of football and get to know the guys. I look forward to that every summer and I look forward to doing that again once or twice this summer as well.”

The Colts are expecting Wentz to embody everything a team needs from its franchise quarterback, and that goes well beyond what he does on Sundays in the fall. Wentz will also be hard at work this summer.

12 responses to “Carson Wentz organizing summer workouts for Colts before training camp

  1. If Wentz regains his form from 2 years ago then the Colts have a dang good team; Wentz circa 2020 would be crushing on the other hand though…

  2. He definitely hit the ground running in Indy. I’m rooting for the guy!

  3. So skipping voluntary workouts to workout on your own is no good, but this is ok?

  4. This sort of thing isn’t really out of the ordinary among QBs, but in the context of Wentz’s whole deal, he puts a lot of emphasis on his own leadership qualities.

    And he seems for all the world like a nice kid.

    It makes me wonder what he did to lose the locker room in Philly. The only recurring theme in all of the press on him — and in the way he handles himself on and off the field — is that he is too “type A,” always “dialed in,” always thinking that the solution is to do more and press harder. It seems like that wore people down.

    Hopefully, for Indy’s sake, he’s learned to have a lighter touch.

  5. Everyone deserves a second chance. And if you have talent in the NFL, you often get a third, fourth and fifth chance, too. Let’s wish Carson the best. He doesn’t seem like an awful guy. A chance of attitude and a change of scenery just might help him become the QB and the man he wished he had been in Philadelphia.

  6. As an eagles fan, I get this uneasy feeling that Wentz going to Indy is going to feel very similar to Brees leaving San Diego and going to New Orleans.

    Regardless of public opinion here in Philly, Wentz was not treated well. Wilson has no competition in Seattle, Brady in TB or NE, Mahomes in KC, Brees in NO, Rodgers in GB…

    Name one quarterback who had to fight for his position after the numbers Wentz put up in his first 4 seasons ? It’s a mistake us Eagles fans are going to live with for the rest of Carson’s career.

  7. He seems to be a good guy but who knows? I wish him the best in his new town. He really regressed in a short period of time.

  8. mantastic54 says:
    June 2, 2021 at 9:34 am
    So skipping voluntary workouts to workout on your own is no good, but this is ok?
    He didn’t skip voluntary workouts. And still doing this.
    Double good for him.

  9. I wonder which Wentz we will see this year. The wunderkind who was playing at an MVP level or the journeyman player who looks shellshocked out there. Hopefully the Colts can rebuild his career and his confidence again.

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