Fans will rally in Canton to get more Bengals in the Hall of Fame

Cincinnati Bengals
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The Bengals have one Pro Football Hall of Famer. The fans want more, and they’re doing something about it.

Via Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer, four fans of the team are organizing a “Jungle at the Hall” rally in Canton. On July 19, they’ll show up roughly 20 yards from the Hall of Fame to push for more Bengals bronze busts.

The Hall of Fame has not sanctioned the event, but the Hall has been cooperative.

The event begins at Massilon Washington High School at 10 a.m. ET, the high school attended by team founder Paul Brown. Then, the rally will commence at 1:00 p.m. ET near the Hall of Fame.

The group plans to push for up to eight players to be considered, including quarterback Ken Anderson, tackle Willam Anderson, receiver Chad Johnson, receiver Isaac Curtis, defensive back Ken Riley, defensive back Lemar Parrish, running back Corey Dillon, and guard Max Montoya.

19 responses to “Fans will rally in Canton to get more Bengals in the Hall of Fame

  1. If they are HoF worthy they should be there, if not don’t just keep putting guys in there to make numbers or make things “fair for everyone” (which is what it seems like we do now anyway)…

  2. Yes on Ken Anderson (He completed 70% of his passes when 55% was considered ‘good’!)
    Yes on Ken Riley
    No on everybody else

  3. Look, I like Curtis alot as a player but injuries really affected his later years. Its a shame he couldnt take advantage of the rules changes, he helped bring about in 77/78 …

  4. Anderson is the only guy on that list who is truly worthy. The rest were good, but not great, players. Maybe the fans should be protesting to the Bengals’ ownership group, not the HOF.

  5. Along with Ken Anderson and Ken Riley, I’d also be fine with Tim Krumrie. But nobody else. Most teams have HoF snubs and are underrepresented. The Bengals aren’t unique in this.

  6. Ken Anderson and Ken Riley should have already been in. If Riley had been a Steeler, he’d have been in on the first ballot.

  7. Hall of participation. Not everybody can go in. A couple of good years doesn’t make you an all time great.

  8. Sounds like Bengal fans want all their favorite players in the Hall. How cute. Anderson was a standout, but none of those other players really had much impact on the game during the time they played. It looks more like nostalgia. Nostalgia is good, but that’s why teams have their own individual HOF’s.

  9. Ridiculous. Four Bengal fans think these average NFL players should be in the HOF just because they played for a team located near Canton Ohio???

  10. studlysmartguy says:
    June 2, 2021 at 1:40 pm
    Yes on Ken Anderson (He completed 70% of his passes when 55% was considered ‘good’!)
    Yes on Ken Riley
    No on everybody else



  11. I’m curious, does the average NFL fan really not think Ken Anderson, Ken Riley, Lamar Parrish, Isaac Curtis, or Willie Anderson should not be in the Hall, or are they just not familiar with them? Comments on here saying if they are not in, they should not be in?
    Cincy is a small market, and those players (among others) are far removed from their playing days – but I would ask those posting here questioning the validity to look at those players careers. To be perfectly honest – it’s a NEON RED GLARING omission to not have both Anderson and Riley in the hall. Willie Anderson is modern era player, has also been looked over. He’s clearly statistically stacked up as a top 3 RT of the last 25 years. Put em all in Steeler or Cowboy jerseys, you’d have to grease the 1st ballot Canton podium walkway to keep it from catching fire…

  12. At least 3-4 of those players are HOF worthy. Ken Riley and Kenny Anderson at the top. Willie Anderson and Corey Dillon have HOF resumes. Chad Johnson had a HOF level prime, but he fell off too quickly to get the career numbers.

  13. Kenny Anderson doesn’t hold up well because of today’s numbers, but he absolutely had a HOF career when compared to his era. He was better than Fouts, that’s for sure.

    Ken Riley is 5th on the all time interceptions list and played at a time when they didn’t air the ball out nearly as much as they do today. People don’t know who he is, but he’s more than worthy.

    I’d put Big Willie in too, but I don’t have the stats to back it up. I just know he was a dominant tackle with a very long career.

  14. Willie Anderson’s Canton resume includes 15 games against Hall of Fame pass rushers and allowing one sack. All-time leader Bruce Smith got it in Anderson’s rookie year with five seconds left in a game Buffalo led by two touchdowns. And according to Pro Football Reference, Anderson had just 13 career holding penalties.

  15. Stats I posted above is during a 13 year, 184 games played. He was durable. Also forgot to mention he gave up just 16 sacks in his career.

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