Jed York believes 49ers can compete right now with either quarterback


After the 49ers drafted Trey Lance with the third overall pick while holding onto Jimmy Garoppolo, CEO Jed York said he would be fine with Lance sitting behind the older quarterback for two years if the team is doing well in the standings.

York’s comfort with that scenario doesn’t mean that he thinks that sticking with Garoppolo is the only way for the team to have short-term success, however. During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, York reiterated that he has “no issue” with Lance being on the bench for a spell while also making it clear that he thinks the team could have success if the rookie is in the lineup right away.

“Obviously, we didn’t have the year that we wanted last year, in terms of our record,” York said, via “But the things that we overcame as an organization, as a team, the injuries that we had, being kicked out of our home and going to Arizona, I think we showed a lot of fortitude. And I feel like we can compete right now whether Jimmy’s the quarterback, whether Trey’s the quarterback, whoever it is. And if Jimmy gives us the best chance to win, then Jimmy’s going to be our quarterback.”

Garoppolo is set to have every opportunity to prove that’s the case heading into the season and any timeline for Lance will likely take shape based on how the veteran looks in his first action since Week 8 of last season.

4 responses to “Jed York believes 49ers can compete right now with either quarterback

  1. Lance will be on the field sooner than you think, since jimmy glass cant stay healthy.

  2. LOL put Trey Lance in the lineup then and start him week 1. SF won’t do that though because he is nowhere near ready to start . Lances accuracy issues are very real, as his inability to make tight window throws and throw with anticipation. Lances pro day was so bad he had to schedule a 2nd pro day as he missed several throws despite throwing against air. What happens when he had a real pass rush in his face? And being Lance had less than just 300 passing attempts in college only playing in ONE game last season ( completing just 50% of his pass for only 149YDs passing a lowly 4.8 YD/A average 2TDs to 1INT against the power house that is Central Arkansas) the worst thing they could do for Lance and his development is sit him out another year let alone two but they’ll have to given his raw the kid is & how complicated the offense is. I mean Simms ranked Kellen Mond AHEAD of Lance in his QB Rankings for a reason and Mond was a 3rd round pick.

    Lance will be forced into the lineup sooner or later because st some point likely within the first 8 games Jimmy G will go down, he’s just that injury prone. And when Lance does come in I don’t think things go well for him, Lance is going to struggle in a MAJOR way.

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