CeeDee Lamb: Get your popcorn ready for my second season

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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CeeDee Lamb wears the No. 88 made famous in Dallas by Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, and Dez Bryant, but he’s channelling another former Cowboys wideout ahead of his second season.

Lamb is wearing a bracelet adorned with a phrase made famous by Terrell Owens as he goes through the team’s offseason program. That phrase is “get your popcorn ready” and Lamb sees it as a fitting theme for what he says will be a big jump forward in his second NFL season.

“I feel like the jump is definitely there,” Lamb said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It’s all in the future to gauge it. I am excited about the future. I can’t wait for the season.”

Lamb set a Cowboys rookie record with 74 catches last season. Those grabs went for 935 yards and five touchdowns, which makes for a good jumping off point for what Lamb and the Cowboys hope will be a full season playing with Dak Prescott.

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  1. Bold statement. He may want to have a conversation with Russell Westbrook before asking fans to bring popcorn.

  2. Great talent, but they didn’t need another WR. Already in full diva mode after one year. Galllup and Cooper were a fine combo the year before, it wasn’t like Gallup didn’t show anything as a 2. Should’ve gotten defensive help last year.

    Dak is back, great, likable and a good QB. But they went 2-3 with him before the injury allowing like 35pts per game. The offense wasn’t the issue.

    The farther Jerry gets from player personnel the better. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened in 25+ years

  3. Popcorn is to cedee lamb as kettle corn is to Justin Jefferson, just sayin..far superior.

  4. Can we as a society please agree that people can no longer use the phrase “Get your popcorn.” And while we’re at it let’s also include “[Name] on line one.”

  5. Well, he was heralded as the next greatest thing when drafted.
    And the pundits panned Jefferson claiming he was “only a slot receiver” and “did not have experience running outside routes” and the Vikings didn’t get what they needed, blah blah blah.

    Well, another example of the IMMEDIATE draft “score card” and pundits not knowing what the he** they were talking about.

    CeeDee is good and will probably get even better, but he was clearly second to JJ last year in terms of demonstration of talent and production.

  6. People tend to forget, that the Cowboys were down 2+ TDs going into the 2nd half of almost every game Dak played before getting injured and that didn’t improve much after he was injured.

    For example, the Cowboys scored 30 against Atlanta’s pass prevent defense in the 2nd half (which included Atlanta not knowing the onside kick rules apparantly) after being down by 20 going into half time.

    Dak attempted 47+ passes in 3 of the 5 games he started. Almost 60 attempted passes in 2 of his starts.

    The reason the WR stats were so good was the sheer quantity of passes into soft pass prevent defenses that were trying to run out the clock for 30 minutes a game. If the Cowboys are competitive in games this year and running the ball, I don’t know where CeeDee thinks his targets are coming from to improve on last year’s numbers?

  7. Saving it for Terry Mclaurin who actually plays wide receiver not run routes out of the slot against LBs and Safteys.

  8. Dude was the best rookie wr last year. Jefferson had better numbers, but he was basically the only target on team witha decent qb.lamb put up good numbers as the thirs target with crap as his starter at qb. With dak back, and a new pecking order established, sky is the limit. And it hurts me to say that as an Eagles fan. He is gonna be really hood for a long time.

  9. I’m all for doing whatever you need to do to motivate yourself, but did he really get a bracelet with “get your popcorn ready” on it!?!?!?!?

    Ok. Whatever works.

  10. “The farther Jerry gets from player personnel the better. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened in 25+ years”

    It has been a long, long time since Jerry has been the sole decision maker in the draft room. In fact, the Cowboys have mostly hit home runs on their first round picks dating back to Tyron Smith. (Smith, Bryant, Martin, Frederick, Elliot, Lamb)

  11. A perfect fit for the Cowboys. All Cowboys and Cowboy fans talk a big game in the offseason, while the Boys throw up an 8-8 season. If you look up mediocrity in the dictionary, you’ll see Jerry Jones and the Cowboys

  12. Wow. Amazing to see all the hate. A player shows some confidence and the “diva” term comes out. This is one of the very few things that he’s said and all of a sudden it’s a negative. Just stop.

    For those trying to compare JJ and Lamb, JJ had his starting QB the entire season. The Cowboys had 4 different QBs (2 had no previous starts) and JJ had only 14 more catches and 286 yards more. Had Prescott not gotten injured, Lamb exceeds JJ’s production.

    Not knocking JJ at all, he is a talent, but I would not be so quick to dismiss Lamb.

  13. Weak willed, bends to the will of any talented cb covering him ..route tree is lacking as well..saying all the he still did incredibly well, wait until he learns to play off the cbs and knows his route tree

  14. Somewhere, Terrell Owens is wondering why he didn’t trademark the phrase: “Get your popcorn ready!”

  15. bondlake says:
    June 4, 2021 at 12:23 pm
    Not caring so much about the NFL anymore


    Nothing says ‘not caring about the NFL’ like making a not caring comment on a profootball website.

  16. Lamb did put up really good numbers for a rookie WR, especially when you consider he had to play 11+ games with the #2 & #3 QB and Dalton didn’t have a good grasp of the playbook until about week 13 and it really showed in his play.

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