Giants learning best way to fit Kenny Golladay into their offense


The Giants knew they wanted wide receiver Kenny Golladay to be part of their team when free agency opened and they were able to land him with a four-year, $72 million deal.

That kind of contract sets Golladay up to be a centerpiece of their offense and the team is devoting time this offseason to figuring out just how to make that happen. Head coach Joe Judge outlined some of that process when he spoke to reporters at a press conference on Friday.

“When you add new players to the roster through free agency or the draft, you’re going to try to build in different things that fit to their strengths,” Judge said. “Obviously there’s going to be an element of what he did so well in Detroit that we’ll try to incorporate and let him play to his strengths, and then we’ll try to find things that fit us that he hasn’t done in the past and make sure we fit them in as we go. . . . Everyone saw on tape this guy has been a physical player for years. He’s made a lot of tough catches, a lot of big plays with the ball in his hand running. He brings a physical toughness; that’s something we saw on tape, and we plan on building into his strengths whatever we can do with our offense.”

The Giants added another wideout in the first round when they drafted Kadarius Toney and signed tight end Kyle Rudolph as a free agent. They still have players like Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton and Evan Engram on hand too, so there will likely be a lot of mixing and matching in the coming months as they try to find the best way to fill out their formations come the fall.