Titans sign former college wrestler Adam Coon

U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Wrestling
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When Titans head coach Mike Vrabel played for the Patriots, one of his teammates was guard Stephen Neal and Neal’s path to the NFL may have influenced a move that the Titans made on Friday.

The Titans announced the signing of Adam Coon to their 90-man roster. Like Neal, Coon was a wrestler rather than a football player in college and, like Neal, he will be playing on the offensive line.

Coon was a three-time All-American at the University of Michigan and failed to qualify for the Olympics at a meet last month. He played football in high school before fully dedicating himself to wrestling.

The Titans waived tackle Anthony McKinney with an injury designation in a corresponding move.

3 responses to “Titans sign former college wrestler Adam Coon

  1. If he comes close to Stephen Neal territory he’ll be doing pretty good.

    Neale was just another great, yet recently forgotten, Bill Belichick success story.

  2. Where’s the white privilege, the Tebow situation comparison, and just for giggles, Kaepernick chatter now? Where is the “there are so many deserving lineman free agents out there” crap when the just pick this guy up off the street and put a jersey on him? I am joking, but it’s comical how it’s OK one day, but when the woke folks really want a narrative it becomes a stink.

  3. He’s trying out as a guard. If he’s been wrestling all his life, he’ll probably be in better condition than the other O-Linemen. I wouldn’t count this guy out. It’s just a try-out, but I’m rooting for him. I think the wrestling experience is priceless for a guard. I wonder why he didn’t play football at Michigan.

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