Tyreek Hill would “love” playing alongside Julio Jones

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Julio Jones likely will play with one of 31 teams not named the Falcons this season. The Seahawks are the betting favorites, and it’s a good bet the star receiver ends up with a contender.

The Chiefs, as back-to-back AFC champions, are that.

Tight end Travis Kelce recently said he was “intrigued” by the possibility of Jones joining the Chiefs.

Receiver Tyreek Hill would love to see it happen, too.

“If I could play alongside Julio Jones, that would be amazing,” Hill said Friday in Wichita at Hill’s youth football camp, via the Kansas City Star. “I was in high school when he was doing his thing at Alabama, and I’ve been a fan ever since. How big he is, how fast he is and how dominant he is, we all know Julio is arguably the best in the game. If I’m able to play alongside Julio, I would love it.”

The Chiefs lost Sammy Watkins in free agency but still have Mecole Hardman, Demarcus Robinson and Bryon Pringle to go with Hill. Whether the Chiefs trade for Jones or not, Hill is confident in the receivers group the team has now.

“All of those guys will be fine,” Hill said. “Those guys are seasoned now. We’ve been to two Super Bowls, so those guys know the ropes. You’ve got Kelce, myself, Clyde [Edwards-Helaire], so basically you’ve got plenty of options to take the pressure off those guys. They don’t have to come in and be an immediate threat.

“It’s going to be fun to watch those guys grow into this offense and just evolve.”

But there’s no denying the Chiefs would be better with Jones.

18 responses to “Tyreek Hill would “love” playing alongside Julio Jones

  1. Chiefs over here trying to be the Golden State Warriors signing Durant bc they lost one time in the playoffs.

  2. A loaded Tampa Bay team has everyone scrambling….and it still won’t help them.
    Bucs back to back!!

  3. The beauty of the NFL is its parity. Superteams diminish the mystery (and appeal) of the playoffs in the NBA. Let’s avoid this nonsense in football, okay? Let the GM’s be the GM’s and encourage the players to compete against their rivals rather than recruiting each other to join forces and lower the bar for themselves.

  4. I wouldn’t watch football anymore. The Chiefs would be unfair.

    Meh he’d be a slight upgrade over Watkins since he’s on the field about as little as Watkins.

  5. It’s a slippery slope when players start recruiting their buddies. Everyone wants to win but let’s not turn the NFL into the NBA with this super team philosophy.

  6. Lotsa teams would luv to have Julio. The reality is that right now he’s a luxury not many can afford.

  7. Apparently being injury prone, on the wrong side of 30 with a horrendous contract and your skill set in obvious decline makes you a very popular player in the NFL.

  8. The Chiefs will go with what they got. They need to get one of their guys an extension before anything else.

  9. Zero chance the Chiefs would take on that contract with their limited salary cap…add that to the fact that Julio is no longer a top 25 wr in this league. There was a time when he was the best…that came and went 3 years ago. There is not a steady decline for WRs…they just wake up one day and its over… Ex. Dez Bryant, Chad Johnson, AJ Green.

  10. Chiefs are already cheating the cap,and with Mahomes set to make 30 mil this year and 40 mil per here on out, plus the Hill, Jones and other bloated deals, the Chiefs are nowhere close, especially after a sb loss which always a bad thing for years. Top heavy rosters just don’t bounce back the next year. Ask Denver.

    It’s all over in KC. Throwing away picks with a bloated cap is suicide.

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