Baker Mayfield and some other Browns offensive players will get together in Texas this week


The Browns are among the teams who are skipping out on OTAs, at least on one side of the ball.

As explained by Mary Kay Cabot of, quarterback Baker Mayfield will host some of his offensive teammates in Austin, Texas this week, in lieu of participating in organized team activities.

Mayfield and teammates previously got together in Florida in April, and they plan to return to Florida in July.

The Browns’ offensive players have largely been staying away from in-person voluntary workouts, given the efforts of the NFL Players Association to encourage players to boycott those activities. The fact that Browns center JC Tretter serves as the president of the union surely makes it harder for other Browns players to defy the union’s wishes.

Still, Cabot reports that “many” of the team’s defensive players will be there, after concluding that it made sense for them to gather for OTAs given the number of new players on defense. Garrett, per Cabot, has said that “there are no hard feelings” on Tretter’s part over the decision of the defensive players to attend.

There are the beginnings of hard feelings among some Browns fans over the failure of the offensive players to be present. With the team on the verge of becoming an elite franchise for the first time in decades, fans who have seen Murphy’s Law play out annually for most if not all of their lifetimes are bracing for the shoe to drop. As they see that the teams with which the Browns will be competing this year (starting with the Chiefs) all-in on OTAs, it becomes a legitimate basis for fretting.

However it all plays out, it will be interesting to see whether there’s a correlation of any kind between the teams that fully participated in OTAs and those that didn’t. That’s something all teams surely will be paying attention to.

7 responses to “Baker Mayfield and some other Browns offensive players will get together in Texas this week

  1. I’m glad to see Mayfield being a leader in hosting these practices in Texas. I’d prefer he’d be a leader in getting them to go to OTA’s.

    That being said, the offense that is returning this year is basically identical to the offense that played last year. Same personnel. Same playbook. They just need to stay in good physical shape and knock the rust off. The defense, on the other hand, has been overhauled. It’s much more important that they show up to OTA’s.

  2. The players are the paying customers; why are they compelled to follow the union’s beck and call against their own best interests, careers and potential health?

    Aren’t they paying the union millions (collectively) to represent their needs, not the other way around?

    Not only are they left twisting in the wind when they’re catastrophically injured following union demands; they’re likely more at risk working out without the guidance of the professional trainers.

    Come on, guys, you’re in dire need of an actual union — stop paying to be the product!

  3. What part of optional in OTAs do people not understand? As was suggested in another comment, same offensive personnel and coaches from a productive season. If OTAs are so essential, negotiate them into the CBA. As professionals I would hope players understand what’s expected and how they must perform when required. If not, lots of other players available and willing to take their place. Running around in shorts and helmets for 3 days probably doesn’t account for much.

  4. Good for Baker but unfortunately he is in the same division as Lamar, the best QB of 2018 draft class. Despite all the additions the Browns have made this off season, I think the Ravens still win the division.

  5. We wouldn’t want the poor little millionaires to have to….go to work, now would we?

    Cry me a river. Cut em all….

  6. if you’re practicing, why not practice with your coaches, teammates and most importantly … the team trainers and medical staff?

  7. What Browns fans are upset about this? I certainly haven’t seen any. Browns fans lived through last years season watching Covid almost destroy the season. Pretty sure Browns fans knowing their past want the entire team in a literal bubble, wrapped in bubble wrap until the season starts. So the people upset I doubt are fans of the team unless they’re the front runner kind who have followed the team all the way back to December of 2020.

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