Russell Wilson heads to Seattle for OTAs

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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As the football-following world waits to see whether Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will show up for this week’s mandatory minicamp, another disgruntled quarterback is preparing to show up for ongoing voluntary workouts.

Jake Heaps of 710 ESPN spotted a video from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson showing that he’s returning to Seattle.

Coach Pete Carroll has said that he believes more players will show up for OTAs as mandatory minicamp approaches. Wilson had been working out in San Diego, away from the team.

The days following the Super Bowl included plenty of chatter regarding Wilson potentially leaving the Seahawks. The team held firm, however, and Wilson seems to have accepted that he has no viable alternative to playing for the team that drafted him in 2012.

Whether that changes after the 2021 season remains to be seen. For now, Wilson appears to be willing and able to set aside his broader concerns and to accept that the Seahawks still want him, and that they aren’t going to be trading him.

Wilson’s return comes on the same day that the Titans, not the Seahawks, landed former Falcons receiver Julio Jones. The Seahawks reportedly had talks with Atlanta about a potential deal. It’s entirely possible that the Seahawks did so for one reason: So that they could tell Wilson they tried.

7 responses to “Russell Wilson heads to Seattle for OTAs

  1. If I was Wilson I’d be less concerned about an aging WR (they have plenty of talent at the position) and more concerned about the OL. I know he’s a great improviser but if he could just drop back and read the D he’d probably be fine. Also, the Jimmy G trade was idiotic. Wasted a first rounder on that dude.

  2. I’m glad Wilson seems to be back for at least one more year. Let’s face it, Pete and Russ don’t have to be best friends, they just have to work together.

    I could see Schneider doing some serious research into options for 2022, however. They have to prepare for the possibility of moving Russ if things don’t go well this year. They are in a tough spot where they would have to decide whether to blow things up and start over or find a decent Game Manager type QB at a bargain so they can spend elsewhere.

  3. UH-OH, the Broncos have just established that private athletic practice by a player is a big no-no. Players much show up for training camp in “couch potato” condition.

    Unless there is something I have missed in the last 6 weeks, Russell Wilson is no longer “disgruntled” as claimed above.

    Rather surprising that this article ignores the often repeated statement by Seahawks GM John Schneider, that Seattle always examines all significant and available opportunities with player acquisition.

  4. Or its entirely possible they talked to Altanta for one reason: they wanted to see if they could add him to the team. Because Schneider prides himself for exploring any opportunity to improve the team.

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