The Julio Jones trade impasse lingers

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Seven weeks ago tomorrow, the Falcons began their effort to find a post-June 1 trade partner for receiver Julio Jones. Five days into the period that would allow the contract to be moved at a manageable cap savings, there’s still no deal.

There’s no deal because the Falcons still want a first-round pick for Jones. Any offer of a first-round pick, as reported last month by, comes with a large asterisk: The Falcons must attach a draft pick to the Jones contract, as much as a second-rounder.

Owner Arthur Blank is calling the shots on this one, and the thinking in league circles is that he refuses to take a second-round pick, given that the Falcons got a second-rounder for receiver Mohamed Sanu — and gave up a second-rounder for tight end Hayden Hurst.

Other factors include Jones $15.3 million guaranteed salary for 2021, along with the belief that he’ll want a new contract, either on the way through the door or after his first season with a new team.

So the wait continues. Jones himself has not agitated publicly for the Falcons to take a deal. Privately, who knows what’s going on? The team and the player, but for the FS1 cold call during which Jones said “I’m out of there,” have done a nice job of keeping any acrimony under wraps. At some point, though, Jones’ wishes may become known, directly or indirectly.

For now, all that’s known is that Jones wants a “big-armed quarterback,” an obvious preference to a popgun (or, as Simms would say, popcorn gun) passer. Jones may have more specific (and less predictable) preferences, but at some point his desire to leave the Falcons will have to take a back seat to his wish list, whatever it may be.

There’s no immediate reason for anyone to blink. The next practical deadline is training camp, unless Jones decides to force the issue by showing up for mandatory minicamp. At some point, the question becomes whether the Falcons will take what they can get or whether one of the interested teams will give Atlanta the face-saving first-rounder it wants.

13 responses to “The Julio Jones trade impasse lingers

  1. Blanks can bloviate all he wants.

    A. No one has offered him a #1
    B. The fact that the trade hasn’t happened yet is he hasn’t even been offered a #2
    C. Unless a contender has an unfortunate year ending injury he is not getting a #2
    D. He is going to end up with as much egg on his face as he did coming down to the sidelines in Super Bowl 52

  2. Take a 2nd and cap freedom and run. Falcons are bungling this situation so poorly.

  3. I am hearing on local sports radio in Kansas city that the chiefs are trying to trade for Julio Jones and that the chiefs are the favorite to land Julio Jones

  4. Arthur, Julio – As the Great Philosopher Mick Jagger once said, ” You can’t always get what you want “

  5. Jones the most productive receiver the last decade.
    2020 771 yards, 3 tds
    He is on the decline now. Not worth the contract and draft capital.

  6. Couldn’t “I’m out of there” simply mean. “I know the team has decided hey have to trade me for business reasons?” Why does every exit have to be assumed acrimony?

    If the team can take the current offer now, or take the same offer later, what’s the big issue with waiting to see if the offers improve? It’s not like there are 5 or oven 1 other Julio available for trade.

    Julio can easily agree to come to camp and not practice. He and the team can agree on some innocuous injury if need be that everyone will know is BS. He can mentor and teach until traded. Neither he or the Falcons would want him to do anything that puts a trade at risk. He wants an opportunity for a title. The team wants cap space. Him showing up at camp and practicing risks both.
    He’d better of reporting. As if he gets hurt while not in camp, that would help the Falcons and not him.

  7. The 2nd rounder for Sanu was an overpay just to appease Tom Brady after his binky Antonio Brown was cut presumably by Mr Kraft. Side note, it didn’t end up making Brady happy.

  8. Jones is signed for the next few years. The Falcons don’t need to trade him. Every player (except for the 8 or so that have no trade contracts) have a value. When a WR reaches 30, their value begins to diminish. Every team has it’s own value point. Jones’s value will not increase from hear on out. Atlanta may publicly say they place a first round draft pick value on Jones, it doesn’t mean the rest of the league shares that valuation, or that they really believe this. Everyone is tradeable.

  9. Do we know if anyone has even offered a 2nd? I wouldn’t. I would possibly do a 3rd if you eat most of that contract. I think they are finding the trade market a lot more dry than they thought.

  10. Wr Hill, wr Julio, 4.22 wr hardman. TE Kelce, rb CEH. This new top 5 O-line.
    How unfair. Who do you double team? Teams would have to gameplan scoring 40 plus points to beat the chiefs

  11. “He is going to end up with as much egg on his face as he did coming down to the sidelines in Super Bowl 52”

    No not that much egg lol. Somewhat less and if he won’t bend then they’re stuck with paying Jones his 15 mil this year assuming Julio shows up.

  12. canadaraider says:
    June 6, 2021 at 11:08 am
    Jones the most productive receiver the last decade.
    2020 771 yards, 3 tds
    He is on the decline now. Not worth the contract and draft capital.

    In 2020 he played in 9 games, averaging 85.7 yards per game. That was 7th in the league, better than Tyreek Hill, DK Metcalf, etc. Whether or not that is a decline from his peak years, he still performed last year.

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