Broncos, NFL decline comment on Ja’Wuan James grievance

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On Monday morning, former Broncos tackle Ja’Wuan James filed a grievance seeking $15 million in guaranteed pay from the team. The league and the team has chimed in, by not chiming in.

“We will decline comment,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in an email to PFT. “This will be heard in accordance with the process set forth in the CBA.”

Separately, the Broncos texted “no comment” in response to the grievance.

The Broncos and the NFL undoubtedly will fight the grievance aggressively. It will be resolved by a panel of arbitrators, not by the Commissioner or his designee. Which instantly gives James a better shot than he’d have if this were one of the matters over which the NFL had final say.

11 responses to “Broncos, NFL decline comment on Ja’Wuan James grievance

  1. If a ditch digger digs ditches off the clock, he is not covered if he gets hurt. Nothing to see here except attorneys taking your money.

  2. NFLPA lawsuit is next. James might have a shot there. He has no shot against the Broncos/NFL.

  3. touchback6 says:
    June 7, 2021 at 10:36 am
    Just classless by Denver.

    They have already handed this guy a ton of money. Not like some other AFC team that’s motto is to low-ball veterans and shame them by calling them divas if they actually want to get paid close to what their value is.

  4. Shouldn’t he be filing this against the NFLPA? They were the ones advising all players to break their contracts with workouts.

  5. Good luck! The arbitrator is going to say “great points! You should be covered. But the contract your players association signed says your not so I can’t help you.” This is all on the NFLPA

  6. touchback6 says:
    June 7, 2021 at 10:36 am
    Just classless by Denver.


    How? He’s literally covered if he got hurt at their facility, all he had to do was show up. Instead, knowing this type of guy, he probably preferred to sleep in and workout for about an hour and chill.

  7. There is clearly a precedent that NFL players work out away from team facilities. We’ve seen many reports in recent weeks of star players doing just that. It is unreasonable to assume that NFL players can stay in shape only by working out at team facilities. Many guys don’t live in their team city in the offseason, and they have to stay in shape year round (or they should).

    The fact that James has already been paid “a ton of money” is irrelevant. The only thing that matters are the circumstances of his injury. I understand that James was a bad signing, but the Broncos are using this as a loophole to get out of a bad contract, which shouldn’t be allowed.

    Unless the line always has been, and always will be, that any injury away from team facilities is a NFI, then teams shouldn’t be allowed to pick and choose in these cases. If a star QB was hurt away from the facility in one of the many publicized instances we’ve heard about, would he be treated differently? Yes, he would. That’s a problem.

  8. He played just 63 snaps — earning $202,380 per snap — in 2019 after inking a four-year, $51 million deal that, at the time, made him the highest-paid RT in league history…He then opted out of the 2020 season. The Broncos should counter-sue him for stealing

  9. His legal fees would be better spent filing a malpractice claim against the NFLPA for agreeing to that provision in the CBA.

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