DeVonta Smith talking to Darius Slay about “every little thing he can give me”

2021 NFL Draft
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There’s a lot a young receiver can learn from a veteran cornerback.

That’s at least the approach Devonta Smith is taking in his frequent conversations with Darius Slay.

The 10th overall pick and Heisman Trophy winner is going to be a critical offensive piece for Philadelphia for 2021 and into the future. Slay said recently that he’s been trying to give Smith “little tips” about how to handle corners.

Last week, Smith said he’s doing his best to help out Slay, too.

“Ultimately, we’re teammates,” Smith said, via Mike Kaye of “We’re trying to make each other better, and drop knowledge on each other.

“We just talk about football. … Every little thing that he can give me about a [defensive back], and every little thing that I can give him about a receiver, we talk about it.”

Smith would likely make an immediate impact on Philadelphia’s offense regardless, but working with Slay should only help to expedite his acclimation process into the league.