Five-figure bet moves Patriots’ odds to win Super Bowl at BetMGM

NFL: SEP 15 Patriots at Dolphins
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The Patriots aren’t a short-list favorite to win Super Bowl LVI. A big bet, however, has prompted BetMGM to change New England’s odds.

Via Sam Cooper of Yahoo Sports, a $10,000 wager on the Pats to get their fingerprints back on the Lombardi Trophy has caused BetMGM to shift the team’s odd from 30-1 (+3000) to +2500.

The five-figure bet would result in a $300,000 payout, if the Patriots pull it off.

The PointsBet sports book still has New England at +3000. At DraftKings, the Patriots are +3300.

Given the higher payout at DraftKings, whoever dropped 10 dimes on the Patriots should have placed the bet there instead.

PointsBet currently has the Chiefs as the +475 favorite to win it all, followed by the Buccaneers, at +650.

10 responses to “Five-figure bet moves Patriots’ odds to win Super Bowl at BetMGM

  1. Not without a franchise QB, BB’s D will only go so far. For $10K there are better bets out there but I guess some have money to burn!

  2. A $10,000 bet on the Patriots moved their odds to win the SB by 17%. That’s a big move.

    How much did the Titans improve by after the Jones signing?

  3. The best time to bet is when no one else believes in the team you are betting on

  4. That’s right. Several people bet the Pats to beat the Rams on the moneyline in 2001 when they were 14′ point dogs. More than 1 sportsbook went out of business. I believe PMikelson bet the Ravens to win the SBowl at 40:1 the yr before. Douglas against Tyson. You never know. That’s why they play the games.

  5. I’d mock the idea but I have a sneaky feeling it’s a family member of a league employee or referee.

  6. I had a friend who bet the Pats to win the AFCC and SB in 2001 and his relatively small bets netted him $38,000 the odds were so long.

    Which means nothing related to this bet other than once in a great while long shots do win.

  7. Cam is worn out. Stidham isn’t a starter. Time will tell if Mac Jones has what it takes. Thankfully they have the Jets to keep them out of the cellar.

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