Jalen Ramsey doesn’t understand why Rams didn’t pursue Julio Jones

Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons
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The Rams were in on Julio Jones for a short period of time. Then, they were out. With Jones now a Titan, L.A. cornerback Jalen Ramsey is confused.

“[T]his is all it took for a generational guy & we were ‘out’ of the Julio sweepstakes!?” Ramsey tweeted on Sunday. “Wow we woulda been unstoppable for real with all them weapons lol!”

Even though it took only a 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 fourth-round pick to get Jones and a 2023 sixth-round pick, the Rams ultimately couldn’t justify yet another all-in move. Sure, they could have dangled their 2024 first-round pick (they don’t have one until then) if they really wanted Jones, but the transaction is far more complicated than the price tag in draft picks. The Rams would have had to figure out how to absorb Jones’ contract. They also would have had to pay Jones, either on the way in the door or after one season.

One team can have only so many high-priced, big-name players. The Rams have Ramsey, defensive tackle Aaron Donald, and quarterback Matthew Stafford. Receivers Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp are making good money, too. Jones would require yet another major financial commitment to be made.

The problem for the Rams, with so many star players, becomes obvious. They’ll lack veteran depth, and they’ll need those star players to never get injured. If one or more can’t play for a large chunk of the season, the whole thing could fall apart.

That challenge already exists. With Jones, the stakes would have only gotten higher.

22 responses to “Jalen Ramsey doesn’t understand why Rams didn’t pursue Julio Jones

  1. Jalen Ramsey needs to worry about being as good of a football player as he can be and not worry about being a GM or questioning the front office, he’s just a employee…

  2. This guy.
    If the Rams had come to him and told him he needed to give up some money to bring in Jones he would have screamed so loud, it would have been heard in South America. And besides, does he really think that the Rams aren’t trying to win, with all the money they’re paying people and all the moves they made, especially regarding QB.
    These players actually think the NFL runs just like Madden video games or something.

  3. Snead should ask Ramsey to take a pay cut so the Rams can pay for that albatross of a contract for a receiver that is quickly falling of the cliff.

  4. The Rams aren’t in any position to make any big signings. Even though the Titans didn’t have to spend too much, the Rams probably don’t want to give away more draft picks, and they probably can’t afford his salary.

  5. I’m sure Woods and Kupp will be fine with another player lobbying for them to be minimized, and it won’t affect the locker room in any way.

  6. Finally someone brought up the Rams veteran depth and injuries. Everywhere you look it seems like the only thing talked about is Stafford and them being a favorite now but the reality is they’re one major non QB injury away from being a bottom team in the division and i honestly think they’re worse this year then last. I like Stafford but his addition over Goff doesn’t make up for the starters and the very good depth they lost on both sides of the ball not to mention all the coaches that left.

  7. Well Jalen. There happens to be a thing in the nfl called a salary cap. That probably had a lot to do with it genius.

  8. Great DB’s aren’t automatically great GM’s. A great brain surgeon might not be a great carpenter. Could you imagine highways without lanes? Cars would be crashing into each other left and right.

  9. Aside from having no draft Capital for the next century…

    And not enough cap space…

    I have no earthly idea why they didn’t pursue him ?

  10. This is 2021 bro. The Julio Jones Show hasn’t had high ratings in a while. The Rams have given up enough picks– time to hold em and use em.

  11. Way out of line. These kinds of things have to be kept in house. Not whined about on Twitter. Always hated this guy for exactly this type of thing. Great player, terrible person.

  12. Atlanta want sending Julio Jones to AFC.Rams does not have a lot of money,Rams want to get a lot of talent in the draft and how to pay the money

  13. Ramsey was already restructured. They could have saved $6M or so by cutting Havestein, but nowhere really to go after that. They would have still been 3-4M short.

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