Mitchell Trubisky gets what he calls a “fresh start” in Buffalo

Buffalo Bills Off-Season Workout
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Mitchell Trubisky calls being in Buffalo a “fresh start.” That fresh start makes him a fresh backup.

Trubisky will backup Josh Allen after signing a one-year deal with the Bills on March 18.

“I think I just needed a fresh start,” Trubisky told the Buffalo News. “I just wanted to go somewhere where I was wanted and they had a role for me.

“I wanted to be a part of a championship-caliber team, so when this opportunity came knocking on the door, I thought it was a great fit, just with the offense and the people they’ve got in this building right now. To be part of a team that can possibly go win a Super Bowl, I think that’s special. . . . Coming here and backing up Josh is going to be a new role, but I’m ready to embrace that and be a part of this great team and help any way I can.”

The Bears made Trubisky the second overall choice in 2017, but he started only 50 games in four seasons and went 29-21 before leaving in free agency. Bills General Manager Brandon Beane called Trubisky an NFL starter who gets a chance to do just that sooner than later.

Trubisky isn’t looking beyond this season.

“It’s definitely day to day, task at hand,” Trubisky said. “Just put my heart and soul into this year and into every day, and I know the future will take care of itself. I’m looking forward to embracing this year, giving it everything I’ve got, and then when we get to the next opportunity, that’s when we approach things and see where we’re at.

“But for now, I’m just loving it day to day here in Buffalo and just helping this team as much as I possibly can. That’s how I’m going about it — day-to-day mindset and control what I can control.”

14 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky gets what he calls a “fresh start” in Buffalo

  1. I like the idea. Take a step out of the public eye, go learn what it means to be on a team with a win-now culture, and be ready to go find work next year….there’s always a market for veteran QB’s and Mitch isn’t that old.

  2. Good for him. I love seeing these guys keep making nice and easy money. Trubisky, Winston, and Bridgewater are in the sweet spot of “very good backup, not quite a #1”– they will be raking it in for years.

  3. Mitch, Sam, and even Matt Stafford drew the short straw and ended up in a horrifically bad situation. .
    Trubisky now will benefit from a reboot.
    Buffalo is now an extremely well run operation from to to bottom.

  4. The upgrade to a winning team, better coaches and now having talent in key positions should do wonders for his ‘reboot’ to be a success!

  5. If he had moxie, he would have gone somewhere with a chance to compete for a starting job.

  6. Smart move – Daboll gets a Head coaching gig next season and guess who is available and knows his offensive system…Mitch and Daboll in Houston next season…

  7. He’s a fantastic backup option and talented enough to spot start and win. Has experience, great athleticism, and a good attitude. Surprised he didn’t get an opportunity to compete elsewhere.

  8. He sounds like a guy who is just relived to have 1) a coaching staff that wants him and 2) the diminished expectations of a backup. Pace reached. I’m hoping he’s a year or two away from a Tannehill or Fitzpatrick-like second act

  9. I would be ecstatic if this kid succeeded elsewhere and made Pace & Nagy look like chumps.

  10. I’m glad Mitch has found a new home and people who believe in him. He got a raw deal with Da Bears even though he took them to playoffs 2 out 3 years. I hope he does well – He’ll be a solid addition to the Bills.

  11. Excellent decision by Mitch to sign with the Bills. He gets coached by the same staff that turned a talented, somewhat raw qb into a superstar. He is not without raw talent himself.

  12. This is a win-win. He’ll lead the practice squad effectively and have time to get out of bad habits he learned with the Bears.

  13. Now, if he could only learn to read a defense. Coaching can’t teach accuracy.

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