Texans are struggling to sell season tickets

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Texans essentially have become an expansion team. At least when they were an expansion team, fans wanted to see them play.

The franchise that joined the NFL in 2002 has sold out every one of its home games. That steak is in danger.

Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle writes that, in a matter of weeks, he has gone from 12,734 on the season-ticket waiting list to eligible to buy season tickets. Solomon passed.

“Hell would freeze over before I’d spend a nickel on Texans tickets this year,” Solomon explains. But he doesn’t blame the current players, the team, or Deshaun Watson‘s legal issues for the predicament.

“The ineptitude starts at the top,” Solomon writes. “That is why I couldn’t find a reason to justify spending on tickets.”

It’s amazing to think that, fewer than 17 months ago, the Texans held a 24-0 lead over the Chiefs in the playoffs. It’s been all downhill since then, the Texans possibly haven’t reached rock bottom.

In the first season of 17 regular-season contests, the Texans are currently favored to lose every single game.

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  1. Yeah, sure, Deshaun Watson and the 22 women suing him and his subsequent trade demands has nothing to do with the bleak Texans outlook.

    Owner’s son is questionable no doubt, but I’m pretty sure the Texans ineptitude at the top wasn’t the cause of ALL of the above.

  2. Dont abandon your team fans, thats why you lost the Oilers to Nashville.

  3. The Texans have become the must-read case study for how not to manage a professional sports team. What a dumpster fire.

  4. He should jump on that offer and buy those tickets. Yes, the Texans are going to stink this year, but that will put them in line for at least a top 5 draft position next season. When they figure out who the hot college QB is going to be, everyone will want to jump on the gravy train. Better get on it now.

  5. This team won the division and made the playoffs in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018, & 2019. With that being said, i think the leaders of the team and new owner (2018) seem to have a pretty good idea of what they are doing. They have had success. Now if you want to talk ineptitude in the NFL go look at the Jets, Broncos, Jags, Lions, Bengals, etc.

  6. Move them to a real city with real fans. Texas is Cowboy country anyways.

  7. and the surprising news item to this is ??

    2022 Draft Order, No 1 Houston Texans

  8. Yea, nothing else occurred last year that might make major events a hard sale to attend or a hardship to even afford.

  9. Same reason I got rid of my Colorado Rockies tickets. Don’t pay for a bad product.

  10. nflhistorybuff68 says:
    June 7, 2021 at 1:42 pm

    Dont abandon your team fans, thats why you lost the Oilers to Nashville.


    Not correct, Bud Adams demanded Astrodome improvements and got them, $67 million worth.
    A couple of years after said improvements, Bud demanded a new stadium.
    No sale…so he took his team and left.

    When he announced the Oilers would play in Tennessee the next year before the ’96 season, it was no surprise attendance in ’96 was horrible.

  11. Same happened with me. I was 10K on the list before the season. Been on the waiting list for 9-10 years and now I am getting emails/calls from their Season Ticket brokers asking me to buy season tickets. Not going to happen until they fire Jack Easterby and figure out their identity.

  12. As a long time Texans fan who actually had season tickets in 2018 – gave them up because they were a shi+ location that would not even list on resale sites when I could not go to the games (night games). I went back on the list hoping for better in the future.. the Texans are practically begging people to buy. With all the better seat options available, I’d probably buy but am in the middle of escrow on a home. If it was the same shi+ seat choices, I’d tell them to go blow.

    Cal has allowed Easterby too much unchecked power in too many areas. President of the Texans, hand picked by Bob McNair was run off by Easterby and his interference in business ops. Cal has chosen to allow a “character” coach too much power in too many areas. Read the article by SI from a few months ago. Cal chose Easterby, who has 0 NFL coaching or NFL admin experience, over everyone and everything else. This is what the fans are revolting about. The Watson issue is really separate outside his trade demands. And yes, the trade demands were related to Easterby. Same thing with Watt.

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