Will Aaron Rodgers show up for mandatory minicamp?

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All eyes are on the Packers, as their annual mandatory minicamp approaches. The prevailing question is whether quarterback Aaron Rodgers will, or won’t, be there.

As recently mentioned, showing up for mandatory minicamp doesn’t guarantee he’ll be present for training camp. But showing up would go a long way toward quieting things down in advance of the much more pressing question that will be answered late next month.

Most would bet against him attending. However, to the extent he’s concerned about winning the hearts and minds of the Cheeseheads, failing to attend the mandatory minicamp would become the first truly overt act that would get some of them up in arms. And the recent comments from CEO Mark Murphy seemed to have been crafted to highlight the fact that plenty of Packers fans already are pissed off at Rodgers.

Although I disagree with the notion that the situation has morphed into a full-blown, red state/blue state issue for the partisans of the green and gold, Murphy’s gratuitous remark regarding a divided fan base seems to be a warning to Rodgers about what will happen if he fails to report for mandatory minicamp or training camp. And the reality continues to be that Rodgers, who has a well-earned reputation for sensitivity, doesn’t want the fans to turn on him — fully or partially.

For that reason, Murphy’s latest comments could make Rodgers even more upset, and possibly strengthen his resolve.

Peter King suggested in his latest edition of Football Morning in America that the Packers should offer to trade Rodgers in March 2022 if he returns for one more season. It makes a ton of sense. It’s reasonable. It’s logical. It’s practical.

But it’s also possibly too late.

The Packers, who’ll likely get more if they trade Rodgers next year than if they trade him now, have no reason to budge. Rodgers, who wants out now, arguably would see no benefit to applying a one-season Band-Aid to a limb that inevitably will be amputated.

Then there’s the question of whether the Packers even want him to play this year. Not the players or the coaches, but the people who pull the strings and count the beans. If Rodgers is going to be traded in March 2022 whether he plays or doesn’t, it’s arguably in the best interests of the corporation for: (1) Rodgers to hold out or retire in 2021; (2) the Packers to pick up and/or save more than $30 million in cash and cap space; (3) Jordan Love to get a year of experience before before becoming the official successor to Rodgers; and (4) Rodgers to not have a chance to win a Super Bowl with a team like the Broncos or Raiders.

If the Packers will be looking at Love as their starter in 2022, why not let him get started now? The team will be better off next year if Love plays this year. The $30 million can be used to acquire new players and/or to pay current ones. And if Rodgers doesn’t play at all in 2021, there will be no injury that could undermine his trade value in March.

Neither Packers CEO Mark Murphy nor G.M. Brian Gutekunst nor anyone else with the team would ever admit that they prefer that Rodgers stay away. Given that, if Rodgers stays away with three years left on his contract, it’s far more likely that the fans will get behind the laundry, as fans so often do, the Packers could end up much better off if he decides to stay away.

If so, that would make Murphy’s recent comments that would tend to inflame the situation not an unforced error but a genius maneuver.

26 responses to “Will Aaron Rodgers show up for mandatory minicamp?

  1. He doesn’t show up at his own family’s house on Christmas so probably not.

  2. My 1st instinct is that he will not. However at this point, he has to know that his bluff was called and it is best to minimize damage

  3. I havent heard Rodgers come out and say what his intensions are. (did I miss something?) He knows what going on in the media and whats being said. If he intends to be at camp, just say it already. Solves all this “will he or won’t he” stuff.

    The longer he goes without saying anything, the more it looks likes hes not going

    Grow up already, use your words, and communicate.

  4. He should show up and quickly come down with the Jalan Ramsey “sore” back disease.

  5. Nothing but speculation. I’m assuming Rodgers is mature enough to let the team know what his plans. I also think it’s funny the league mvp is intimidated by Love….

  6. Should be easy enough to find out if he’s still in Hawaii. Has he checked out of his hotel? Has he purchased a plane ticket to Wisconsin? Green Bay has the resources to hire a private investigator to trail Rodgers and report his every move. They can tap his phones. Hack his E-mails. This is the 21st century, people. No one has privacy or secrecy.

  7. We can speculate and guess all we want but there’s only one person who can really answer that question, and that’s Rodgers.

  8. The notion you can have one of the best QBs ever on your team and are a legitimate super bowl contender right now this year, but maybe instead they save $30 million on the cap and start someone who has never taken an NFL snap thereby making them irrelevant this season and then maybe the following season they might be good again if the QB hits is so dumb.
    If you have a legit shot to win you make peace with the one who can get you there.

  9. not sure where the population is split? i live in madison and everyone talking about it thinks rodgers is a jerk at a minimum. hopefully leadership steps up and puts an end to this non sense. sit him this year and trade him in the spring.

    as for money always winning, he just passed on 500k, why would he worry about 95k now?

  10. My opinion = Zero. But I say he doesn’t show. He’s driven it this far. But when push comes to shove, I’m sure he’ll be there and they’ll make nice for a season. Then he’s out. But what will he be worth at, what, 38 years old next year?

  11. That’s a bad strategy, threaten/challenge an alpha male. What usually happens is they will dig in and then try to retaliate in a way that will end the dispute

  12. All this commotion over a three day camp. What matters is the start of training camp at the end of July. lots of things can happen/change before then.

  13. Are all Green Bay QB’s divas? Forget Rodgers, if I was Love, I would want out fast

  14. supercharger says:
    June 7, 2021 at 12:13 pm
    He doesn’t show up at his own family’s house on Christmas so probably not.

    It is amazing how much some people are hung up on the private family affairs of others. Neither you nor anyone else outside of the Rodgers family knows anything about their relationship.

  15. Skipping OTAs means next to nothing… Nobody expects him to show up. It won’t even feel like a hold out until training camp opens…

  16. Who freakin cares. If he doesn’t show or wants to play in GB then retire. No trade. Screw him.

  17. Rodgers The One Hit Blunder says:

    “We can speculate and guess all we want but there’s only one person who can really answer that question, and that’s Rodgers.”


    Thank you! My feelings exactly.

  18. As in poker, you can call whenever you want.

    But also as in poker, it’s not a bluff if he doesn’t fold.

  19. Why would he? The Packers have made it clear they’re going to get rid of him before the end of his contract. His leverage will only go down if he reports.

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