Bruce Arians plans more shotgun work for Tom Brady as he recovers from knee surgery

Super Bowl LV
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is operating at full speed four months after knee surgery, but head coach Bruce Arians is still thinking about alleviating any pressure on Brady’s knee.

Arians told Sal Paolantonio on ESPN that he wants to be sure Brady is fresh and healthy when the regular season starts, and so he’s planning to have Brady do more in the shotgun and less under center, on the theory that dropping back from under center can put unnecessary strain on Brady’s knee.

“We talked to him a little bit about maybe practicing more in the shotgun, just to save those three or four steps,” Arians said. “They add up, especially through training camp. Maybe put a little pistol in, some things where you don’t have to do as man steps, which I’ve done with injured guys in the past. Just watch him every single day, have great lines of communication. That’s why we talk every week throughout the whole offseason.”

Brady will turn 44 in August, so it’s only natural that the Buccaneers would want to take it easy on him. But Arians sounded confident that Brady will be good to go for a full 17-game season.