David Bakhtiari: I’m not going to inject myself into Aaron Rodgers’ situation

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Aaron Rodgers is not attending Packers mandatory minicamp.

The reigning MVP’s standoff with Green Bay continues to be the biggest story of the NFL offseason. But with Rodgers not in attendance to answer questions himself, that job falls to those players currently at the Packers’ facility.

Realistically even if Rodgers were there, his teammates would still probably have to talk about him. But left tackle David Bakhtiari is doing his best to stay out of it.

“I have a very close relationship with Aaron, but this is something I’m not going to inject myself into,” Bakhtiari said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

Bakhtiari was also asked if he thinks Rodgers will ever return to the team and replied, “I have just as much of an idea as anyone else does … As time goes on, it will sort itself out, and we’ll all find out.”

Rodgers has left the door open to returning, given that his issues appear to be with the front office instead of the coaching staff or his teammates. But until he does, the rest of Green Bay’s players will inevitably be asked what they think about the situation.

12 responses to “David Bakhtiari: I’m not going to inject myself into Aaron Rodgers’ situation

  1. The players, the fans, everybody will distance themselves from Aaron.

  2. The players should not have to answer Aaron Rodgers questions every day.

    Bakh, Tae, and the whole roster frankly, is all class, so they will answer to a point, but this needs to not be every day this camp nor training camp.



  3. Class act won’t throw a teammate under the bus to get a headline about himself

  4. This guy is the real MVP in GB every year. I remember having a draft magazine that said this guy was a sure fire can’t miss prospect who should go in the 1st round. The other magazines I had had him going in the 7th. Pack took him in the 4th. The first magazine was right. One of the biggest steals in the past 20 years.

  5. I bet if Rodgers has any regrets at all, its that his teammates now have to answer a bunch of irritating questions due to his actions.

  6. Many teammates are personal friends, whose fates and fortunes are inextricably linked to Rodgers. He won’t let them down. He’s not done kicking the front office in the nuts, but he’ll be there on Opening Day. His best chance at a title for himself and his friends is staying right where he is. He knows it too.

  7. Rodgers doesn’t realize it, but he’s dragging every one of his friends & teammates under the wheels of the bus he’s driving.
    If Rodgers thinks he’s so smart, then why didn’t he know that his teammates would be subjected to daily questions about him?

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