David Montgomery: Last year wasn’t enough

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Bears running back David Montgomery posted better numbers in his second season than he did in his rookie campaign, but it was not a year that satisfied all of his wishes.

Montgomery had 1,508 yards from scrimmage during the 2020 season and helped the Bears make the playoffs last season. Both of those things were a step forward from his rookie season, but he is heading into the 2021 season with eyes on bigger accomplishments.

“It wasn’t enough for me last year, just knowing the untapped potential that I had within myself,” Montgomery said, via USAToday.com.

The Bears made big moves at quarterback this offseason by drafting Justin Fields and signing Andy Dalton. A bigger year from Montgomery would help either player push the team to higher levels in 2021.


8 responses to “David Montgomery: Last year wasn’t enough

  1. Walter Payton set the bar pretty high in Chicago, but Montgomery has already exceeded most expectations. It’s good that he’s not satisfied. It’s a QB league, so the team goes as the QB goes.

  2. He was a stalwart at Iowa State. I believe he lead the nation in broken tackles the year before he was drafted.

  3. Once the dust finally settled on the shifting of the OL last year, he was a stud. 2021 should be a really good year for him.

  4. Solid player, but lacks that extra gear to make him a serious threat however.

  5. He did not start playing better until Trubisky regained the starting QB job. I will be curious to see how he does with Dalton and/or Fields

  6. He worked his azz off for every one of those yards last season. I watched every game and can literally count on two hands with fingers left over, the number of plays where he had a decent sized hole to run through. The Bears give appearances of finally getting serious about improving their OL so if Monty can stay healthy he could do OK.

  7. Say what you will about the hilariously long list of QB’s we have gone through, the Bears have had amazing luck at finding star RB’s who are never satisfied.

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