Browns staffer Callie Brownson pleads guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence

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Browns chief of staff Callie Brownson has pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence in an agreement that will allow her to avoid jail time.

Brownson entered the guilty plea on Tuesday, the same day news broke that she had been arrested on May 27.

According to, Brownson had two other charges dismissed: one for speeding and one for a blood-alcohol level above .17. Brownson paid $780 in court costs and fines, and accrued six points on her drivers license, which has been suspended. She will not go to jail.

Brownson was pulled over for driving 55 mph in a 35 mph zone at 12:27 a.m. Her blood-alcohol content was .2150, nearly three times the legal limit.

The Browns say they “will take the appropriate disciplinary actions.” Brownson could also face league discipline.

Brownson coached the Browns’ tight ends in one game last year and their wide receivers in another game after other assistant coaches had to miss the games because of COVID-19. That made her the first woman to serve as a primary position coach in an NFL game.

11 responses to “Browns staffer Callie Brownson pleads guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence

  1. I expect to see a lot of this in the NFL as cities open up. People never think of Cleveland as a party city but it absolutely is and any players and personnel in cities with active night lives will have to fight that urge to head to the clubs and bars now that they’re actually open. The fact that there’s an entire franchise in Vegas now should scare the NFL.

  2. She is lucky she didn’t kill someone. I guess she never heard of Uber.

  3. How do you get a bac of .2150 dismissed? With all of the car pooling options available today this is just beyond irresponsible. The Browns need to come down hard on her for this. She has made a mockery of the team and the NFL. This is hardly the example someone in power should be setting for our youth.

  4. .215 BAC ? I like to tip a few but HOLY SMOKES ! It’s blatantly obvious she has a booze problem. No one gets that liquored up after just a casual night out. She probably deserved to be jailed for a while to be honest. .215 is HAMMMERED ! As an adult and as a person that has such a high profile job she should have known better than to let herself get in that position.

  5. Yikes. She has an exhibit in the Hall of Fame for being the first woman to coach a position group during a game. The exhibit was just dedicated before the draft this year. I know she didn’t ask to be a trailblazer, but recognition comes with responsibility. A quick google search shows that Chiefs of Staff earn about $200k, position coaches about $400k; certainly enough to afford a driver for those nights she wants to cut loose. She’s at a different level now. Hope this is an eye opener to her.

  6. So let me get this right….3X the legal limit & she has to pay $780??!! Most Americans would lose their license and have court costs & fines of $10,000 AND lose their license!! I guess you don’t have to be a player in the NFL to get special privileges…

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