Giants taking Saquon Barkley’s recovery slowly

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Nearly nine months after he tore his ACL, Giants running back Saquon Barkley is not ready to participate in minicamp, and coach Joe Judge is just fine with that.

Judge said the Giants won’t rush anything and only want Barkley on the field when he’s ready to play.

“We are going to make sure that we take Saquon’s rehab at the correct rate for his individual body and injury,” Judge said, via Newsday. “We have to make sure that we let him get it at his pace and when we put him on the field he can play 100% aggressive and confident and he’s going to play safe and he can play effective.”

Barkley was in attendance at minicamp and has been participating in team meetings and doing what he can in the offseason program, but his priority now is rehabbing his knee.

“He comes in every day, he attacks every day from a rehab standpoint,” Judge said. “He’s had a phenomenal attitude and great motivation, he’s been tremendously positive . . . Couldn’t be happier with how he is working, showing tremendous leadership this offseason. He’s champing at the bit to get back on the field. We are taking it day-by-day and he’s getting better every day.”

Last year Barkley played in just two games, gaining 34 yards on 19 carries. This year the Giants are hoping to get a whole lot more out of Barkley, but they’re cognizant that they still have three more months to get him ready before the season starts.

12 responses to “Giants taking Saquon Barkley’s recovery slowly

  1. Really hoping this guy stays healthy, once every generation talent if he can remain healthy. Giants offense will be electric if they remain healthy this year.

  2. Unfortunately for Barkley and the Giants he will never regain his explosiveness that he previously had. And his career will be cut short.

  3. You can’t get re-injured if you don’t play! I fear a career that had such great promise will be de-railed by injuries and the fact you never fully recover your speed after these injuries as you age.

  4. It’s funny how things work out (not funny ha ha, but funny interesting). Barkley was picked #2 overall because he was supposed to be a healthy generational talent running back. Nick Chubb fell to the second round because while his college numbers were similar to Barkley the consensus was he’d have injury issues.

    Literally the opposite happened in their careers. Just shows that the talking heads and scouts don’t know as much as they think they do. Well that and Cleveland has been smart with Chubb and kept him part of a committee to give him more mileage.

  5. I’m no Giants fan. Shoot, not even a PSU fan. But I’d sure like to see this guy get back on the field.

  6. I hope he has a full and healthy recovery. This really is a super nice guy and I hope he get’s back to 100%.

  7. Means nothing if he doesn’t have any blockers. Also, Jason Garrett needs to be fired.

  8. I was a little surprised that the Giants even exercised his 5th year option. I cheered the pick when it was made, but like Getty I was dead wrong. What a horrible waste of draft capital that pick was.

  9. I wouldn’t expect him to be back on the field until mid-season. He won’t likely be back to full strength until next training camp in 2022. That’s how long these knees can take. Sure, QB’s can play 9-12 months later, but even they aren’t 100%. Running backs are a whole different thing in terms of their knees. The only one I saw who came back faster was AP.

  10. This is another example of why you don’t pick a running back with a #2 overall pick. I like Barkley and wish him well, but we’ll never know if he’ll be the same player again until he steps onto the field.

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