Jordan Love on Aaron Rodgers: “We’ve got a good relationship”


After struggling in Tuesday’s minicamp practice, Packers quarterback Jordan Love balled out on Wednesday with a string of strong throws.

Love’s been the beneficiary of Aaron Rodgers‘ absence, as he’s been able to take more first-team reps at minicamp. During Rodgers’ appearance on ESPN last month, the 2020 MVP made it clear that his issues weren’t with Love.

To that end, Love revealed in his Wednesday press conference that he’s recently spoken to Rodgers — though he didn’t get into the content of that conversation.

“Obviously, me and Aaron, we’ve got a good relationship,” Love said. “I talked to him probably a week before I got out here.”

Despite Rodgers’ public comments, he and Love having a good relationship isn’t necessarily obvious.

Still, Love said he’s kept a mindset of needing to get ready to play whether or not Rodgers were attending the offseason program.

“I have to get myself ready to play and be able to go out there and take charge of the team and be able to perform at a high level and do my best so that everybody else can do their job as well, and just be able to perform at a high level,” Love said. “So my goal is just to take it day by day, get better, find areas I need to improve.”

With Wednesday’s practice a clear improvement from Tuesday’s session, Love appears to be capitalizing on the opportunities he has to make progress.