Matt LaFleur: We’ll do whatever we can to “help remedy the situation” with Aaron Rodgers


When it comes to the Aaron Rodgers situation in Green Bay, there’s plenty of blame to go around. One person who should bear none of it is coach Matt LaFleur.

But LaFleur finds himself in the middle of the mess. On Tuesday, LaFleur took questions from reporters regarding the decision of Rodgers to skip the mandatory minicamp.

“I think any time you’re talking about any player on your football team, you’d love everybody to be here,” LaFleur said when he was asked to address his disappointment level given Rodgers’ no-show.

LaFleur also was asked whether he’s talked recently with Rodgers, and whether the third-year coach has optimism that things will work out.

“I”m not gonna get into my conversations with Aaron and the communication,” LaFleur said. “I think, you know, I’m naturally optimistic. But, you know, again, we’ll take it day by day and do whatever we can to help remedy the situation.”

The Packers say they want to remedy the situation. It’s still not clear what it would take to do so. Rodgers reportedly wants G.M. Brian Gutekunst to be fired, and that report has never been rebutted. Surely, the Packers won’t do that.

So what will it take? They’ve offered Rodgers a new contract, supposedly a contract that would make him the highest-paid player in the game. They haven’t, given the absence of any report that they have, offered a contract with the structure that forces them to keep Rodgers for the next three or four seasons, making the investment in quarterback Jordan Love moot.

Maybe it’s too late for a contract that binds the Packers to Rodgers. Maybe Rodgers gave them a fair chance to fix the situation, they didn’t, and now he’s just done. More information will come when he shows up (or doesn’t) for training camp. Until then, a team that has gone to two straight NFC title games and has the reigning league MVP on the payroll finds itself in a delicate and in many ways unprecedented spot. Rodgers isn’t happy, Rodgers isn’t present for a mandatory event, and Rodgers may never show up again.

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  1. I understand that Rodgers has diva tendencies and Gutekunst has to look towards the future, but Gutekunst/LaFleur has the easiest job in football when they signed up with the Packers: do everything you can to get maximum impact out of your HoF QB and the face of your franchise in the twilight of his career. Even if they failed, they could have just said “We had one of the best and had to mold the team around him while we had him.” Who would be able to argue with that?

    They blew it.

  2. Trade or cut Jordan Love. Insure that he has a tub full of green M&Ms, rose scented candles flaming in the showers, fresh pink roses in the dressing room, and a personal state farm representative for everyone om the stadium.

  3. Sometimes people (or football organizations) don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. It is the employer and managers responsibility to provide their employees with the resources to be successful at their job. Don’t expect me to build a house without proving me with a hammer… and then be confused when I get annoyed that I can’t achieve our mutual goal of building a house.

  4. Packers traded #30 and #136 picks for Jordan Love. Picking for ‘need’, Tee Higgins (6’4″) was the next best wr available (picked at #33 by Bengals). #136, the best CB available was probably L’Jarius Sneed (6′, 4.37) (picked by Chiefs, #138). If you added HIggins and Sneed to last season’s roster, it’s legitimately possible they beat the Bucs. Sneed has got to be better than kevin king at this point. But nope–they didn’t go that route. And the bleeding contiues, as Packers had to burn their #1 pick on a CB this year to fill that hole. The Jordan Love pick caused significant roster ramifications for a team that was arguably a piece or 2 away from a super bowl.

  5. Let him sulk. In a few days he’ll probably show up throwing a ball to himself in the parking lot in hopes the other kids invite him back to play.

  6. As Aaron said, he has no issue with the Jordan Love pick, which is what led the media to speculate that Gute is the person Aaron has issues with. Aaron has never himself said he had/has a problem with Brian, and that is going back to 2018 when Gute became GM.

    Russ Ball handles contracts, and has never won a popularity contest at 1265 Lombardi.

    Brian Gutekunst is one of the most liked people in the facility. Aaron has praised the free agent and other acquisitions over the last few years. Aaron again, made it a point to say: “This is not about the Jordan Love pick.”

    This all would lead one to believe that Aaron’s issues are with Russ Ball and Mark Murphy who are quite close.

  7. All Aaron had to do was run it on 3rd down in the championship game, then we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  8. Do the team and the fan base a huge favor, and unload this overrated headache!!

  9. The real issue in finding a solution with this situation, is like the letter E. To the person to the right of the letter, they see an M, the person to the right sees a W. The person looking down at the letter, sees a 3, and the person looking at it right side up, sees the E. 4 different perspectives, and each person has evidence to claim they are correct. This is the situation with Rodgers and the Packers. Both sides are absolutely correct, based on their perspective.

    Rodgers has been the key player on the team for years, has oft communicated that he wants to play into his 40’s, and wanted to retire with the team. In turn, he wanted the organization to show they were committed to winning and helping him succeed. They traded up for Love, signaling not only that they were planning from moving on, but also making a clear statement that his replacement was more important than winning now. Rodgers is absolutely justified in his frustration.

    However, Gutekunst was well within his right to draft what he felt was the eventual replacement to a QB in his upper 30’s, who despite still being near the top of the league, did have a few ‘down’ years. He also has a very tight cap to manage so getting help for the current iteration of the team has to be balanced along with ensuring the cap is in a good place for years to come. He doesn’t want to ‘go all in’ one year with no guarantee of a Super Bowl victory, and then destroy upcoming years in the process. Many people say that Rodgers prime years were wasted because they never went all in, but I feel like his prime was managed responsibly because he also has never had to sit through 2-3 seasons of scrubs while they were in full rebuild. He always has had a decent supporting cast. Gutekunst’s responsibility is to field a quality team from year to year, as well as to plan for upcoming years. He is also justified in the moves he has made.

    The only true fix to this situation is a shift in perspective. Change the direction you’re looking at the ‘E’. Since neither party seems particularly interested in doing that, and both parties feel they ‘hold the chips’, I just don’t see this ending amicably.

  10. The Pack just needs to properly kiss his rear as much as he needs and get him back in the fold. Who cares if he’s a diva or not? This is the first time he’s created any real off-field disruption. He should be treated differently than the other players on the team — how many of them have been MVPs? Be careful what you wish for on all this move on stuff Pack fans. Signed — a Viking fan whose team hasn’t had a great QB since Fran Tarkenton.

  11. Nobody outside of the Packers knows what Rodgers wants. The bottom line is; this team is his last and best chance to do something great. He knows it.

    McCarthy lost the NFCCG in Seattle. Pettine and Jones blew the game against Tampa…..a team they should’ve pounded except for the luckiest quarterback in the history of the NFL.

    The point is: The Packers had the No.1 offense last year. Rodgers was surrounded by enough talent. It was NEVER because he didn’t have the right personnel.

    He’ll be under-center on Opening Day and Love will be ready for his chance, if needed.

  12. Tide seems to be turning. When the dust settles, this period will be seen as having been a great opportunity for Jordan Love to make up for his year lost to covid pandemic.

  13. IMO, Rodgers would return if Murphy and Gutenkunst would publicly apologize and beg for him to come back.

    But they have too much pride for that.

  14. It sounds like a coach that is in complete desperation mode to get Aaron back because he knows it is his only chance of winning enough games not to get fired. All he is doing now is giving more leverage to Aaron by talking about it.

    Spit-ballin here but if Romo can get $17 million a year, what other network would be desperate enough to throw some money at Aaron since he has already proven he can talk in front of a camera…amazon…this would easily make up for the money he loses from retiring from the Packers.

  15. I hope they don’t fire Gutey and poach Spielman from the Vikings. “The magician” would bring all his title winning mojo to the Pack.

  16. It’s laughable to suggest he’s going to retire abd forfeit the payback and salary $$35M.

    Aaron is a Class A narcissist. Once everyone screams loud enough that we love you Aaron and we need you Aaron – he’ll come back and pretend all of this was blown out of proportion.

  17. Does anyone else see the pattern here? To me the head coach (if he’s not the GM too) has no business worrying about or discussing with the media, player contracts, holdouts, or anything related. Why the hell isn’t the GM or the owner doing the interviews about player contracts and/or holdouts? In most cases, the gm’s make more money, so let them earn it by answering those questions.

  18. An organization the size and scope of the Packers is like a Fortune 500 corporation. It takes management skills and experience, experience Rodgers does not possess. Do what you were hired to do and what you know best. Let everyone do their jobs, the front office as well as the players.

  19. FloriotheInstigator says:
    Does anyone else see the pattern here? To me the head coach (if he’s not the GM too) has no business worrying about or discussing with the media, player contracts, holdouts, or anything related. Why the hell isn’t the GM or the owner doing the interviews about player contracts and/or holdouts? In most cases, the gm’s make more money, so let them earn it by answering those questions.
    Lafleur is doing what he can to get Rodgers back, because he knows that Gutenkunst and Murphy wont.

    IMO a public apology and groveling by MM and Gute will get Rodgers back. Its pretty simple, but very hard to do.

  20. For me, I don’t care if he ever shows up again.

    Go away, to Hawaii, Butte College or any other place. But just GO.

  21. GB with Rodgers: 13-4 and playoff run.
    GB w/o Rodgers: 4-13 and coach is on the hot seat.

    Of course he wants him back.

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