Sam Darnold has yet to be vaccinated


The vaccination issue continues to be a vexing one for some pro football players.

Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold said today that he has yet to get the vaccine, and that he might not get it.

“There’s a ton of different things that go into it,” Darnold said, via Joe Person of “I’m gonna evaluate that on my own and make the best decision that I feel is the best for myself.”

Generally speaking, that’s fine. It’s his right to do it. Hopefully, he does indeed make a conscientious, clear-headed evaluation — one that seeks out reliable information, and that ignores some of the crazy crap that has come to light, from concerns that the vaccine contains microscopic digital tracking devices to converting our bodies into giant magnets to which metallic objects stick, unless they don’t.

Darnold should start by talking to team doctors. And if that’s not good enough, he should talk to NFL doctors. And if that’s not going enough, he should talk to union doctors. And if that’s not good enough, he should call team owner David Tepper for a list of epidemiologists who service the insanely rich.

In this day and age, anyone can find someone on both sides of any issue. If Darnold keeps looking, he’ll find a plausible opinion supporting his apparent predisposition to not get vaccinated.

Again, if he ultimately chooses not to get the vaccine — in other words, if he chooses to be tested every day of football season and to have other restrictions apply for six or seven months (including not being able to go out of town during the bye week) — that’s his business. Here’s hoping that he and others who have a high profile, and whose decisions could affect teammates and coaches who have been vaccinated, will make the decision by talking to people who know what they’re talking about and not by listening to people who are saying what, deep down, Darnold and others simply want to hear.

18 responses to “Sam Darnold has yet to be vaccinated

  1. His body and his choice, I don’t know why so many have a difficult time understanding this concept.

  2. You are vaccinated!! So why are you worrying about the unvaccinated. Let it go

  3. Crazy crap theories? How about the fact that this vaccine has not gone through the rigorous 5-8 year testing period which is normal.

  4. Any player that has previously tested positive and recovered, should not be forced to take a vaccine for something their bodies have already developed natural immunity to.

  5. It’s crazy to me that some people won’t even consider the risks of taking the vaccine. And even if it’s safe, let them take the risk of not getting vaccinated.

  6. 304,000,000 vaccinated in the US; 140,000,000 fully vaccinated. How many have died or had any lasting bad effects from the vaccine? How many people have died or had lasting effects from COVID? So what’s the problem? Hard to understand why it’s even a question.

  7. Still a free country, he can makes his choice on whatever facts he see’s fit.

  8. I like how he should “talk to team doctors.” Those are the same doctors that get these guys hooked on pain pills and give them injections to deal with injuries…then 10 years after retirement, the athlete can barely move anymore. Great doctors.

  9. Only the ignorant force their view on others. It’s everyone’s personal choice.

  10. like i said all along, they shoulda made these football players get the shots first, before they had a chance to second guess science and cause the season to be cancelled.

  11. Real simple, people who are vaccinated have more value than those who refuse

  12. It is his personal choice, as it is the personal choice of every citizen. Pro-vaccine individuals should respect the choices of those who decide to forego the vaccine. Similarly, the government will not impose vaccine requirements on those citizens. Private enterprise, however, is entirely a different matter. If The NFL decides to denies admittance to unvaccinated fans or if NFL teams cut unvaccinated players, that is their “choice,” and the anti-vaxxers should quietly accept those consequences.

  13. Darnold will get vaccinated. I’ll put money on it. The restrictions the NFL plans to impose on players who don’t get vaccinated will incentivize all of them to get their jabs.

  14. So, we’re tracking players who haven’t been vaccinated now? This should end well.

  15. Why are all you vaccinated people worried about the unvaccinated? You are vaccinated, so live your life and let others live theirs. They cannot get you sick, so shut it and live your life. Maybe, possibly, he realizes he is not at risk of dying from getting the virus…….therefore he does not want to put something into his body that it does not need. He has his own brain. Crazy.

  16. There’s a reason he didn’t make it with the Jets. Suppose he gets Covid and misses a number of games. He certainly isn’t looking out for what’s best for the team. As more and more people die or have devastating affects on their health, more and more people will get vaccinated.

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