Sean Payton: Offense will be built “a little bit” around QB choice

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The Saints had a pair of quarterbacks address the media on Tuesday, which served as a reminder of the biggest storyline of their offseason.

Drew Brees retired and the team is holding a competition between Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston to replace him as their starter. The two players have very different styles that would call for different offensive mindsets, but head coach Sean Payton said on Tuesday that the core of the offense will remain the same regardless of which player is ultimately chosen to lead the team.

“We’ve always tried to look closely at the strengths of our players, what they do well and we’ll build a little bit around that player accordingly,” Payton said in a press conference. “And that’s something that we did when Drew first arrived here, and we would do with either these two players. . . . there’s certain things that you might do, specific to one or the other. And yet, there’s still an overall philosophical approach that these guys will learn to play offense. But yeah, it’s not a whole different game plan for each one of them. There are certain things that we would do maybe differently with each one, but we’ll work that out.”

The Saints altered their offseason schedule this year and are not holding formal practices during OTAs, which means the summer will be the time when the competition for Brees’ successor will really take off. Once it does, there should start to be a greater sense of just what the offense will look like come the fall.

12 responses to “Sean Payton: Offense will be built “a little bit” around QB choice

  1. That’s like saying my breakfast choice would be influenced a “little bit” if one had bacon and the other tofu….

  2. One good thing about having the same offensive scheme for a number of years is all 11 guys know their assignment on any given play. So yes, each QB has his strengths and weaknesses, but the other 10 guys in the huddle can’t be required to learn two completely different playbooks. But also, I’m pretty sure coach knows who he’s going to go with at QB, so he’s not going to delay getting the ball rolling with all the offensive players.

  3. I don’t think either QB is their future and likely they are just a gap QB until next season after they lose a ton of games this year.

  4. There’s an old saying in Louisiana: if you got 2 quarterbacks, you got none.

  5. Excluding two meaningless end of season games in 2009 and 2018 when the Saints had locked up the number 1 seed and started other quarterbacks, the Saints are 8-4 under Payton when he has started someone other than Brees (all due to injuries to Brees). the Saints will be just fine no matter who starts at QB

  6. VisionTim says:
    June 9, 2021 at 8:39 am
    I don’t think either QB is their future and likely they are just a gap QB until next season after they lose a ton of games this year.
    It’s hard to believe you have gotten so many thumbs down to your comment. I guess those people expect Hill to start, or have forgotten the games where Jamieson had 5 interceptions with 2 being for a pick 6 as well as 2 fumbles. Perhaps they forgot about his pick 6 on his the first play in OT? Eat some crab legs to that!

  7. Winston spent an entire calendar year in the Saints offices learning from Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Pete Carmichael, Lombardi, and had Lasik surgery …
    Before his Redshirt learning year and vision correction:
    from Next Gen Stats- All qualifying NFL QBs since 2016:

    Jameis Winston-

    Intermediate Rate 33%- (1st)

    Avg Yds/attempt 10.6 – (1st)

    Tight Window rate 19.7% – (3rd)

    Past sticks % -3rd Down 63.1% – (1st)

    Pass Success rate 47.3 % – (6th)
    My take is that in Jameis Winston the Saints have acquired a Thermonuclear Weapon from the discount rack, brought it into the lab for adjustments and fine-tuning in 2020-21, will be conducting tests in secrecy this summer, and will detonate it over the NFL in September 2021

  8. The Saints will be reverting back to the losing years as before Brees until they can find a Brees type talent replacement…
    This season the NFCS crown battle will be between Falcons and Bucs!

  9. None of us really know what to expect at the QB starting position this year. I’m hoping we get decent play out of both because both will be on the field. In small doses the Saints survived without Brees; entire season, gonna take our lumps I think. We could be at the bottom of the NFCS this year but I think the Falcons own that space! (all in good fun) I wish I could say I have total faith in Winston and Hill but I don’t. Prior to Brees we had way too many bad QBs. Good luck everyone, even the Falcons. Geaux Saints!!

  10. Hill is not going to be the QB. Not sure why people think this is a QB competition. Payton thinks he can fix Jameis and then he won’t have to gimmick an entire game plan every week around Hill. Jameis might lose you some games but the guy has won 9 games before. Cut down the picks and that could be 11 or 12. Hill will get smoked by defenses after there’s film on him for more than a few games.

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