Tee Higgins focused on getting stronger this offseason

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Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins weighed 220 pounds when he reported to the team for his rookie season and he weighs the same now, but Higgins says he doesn’t feel the same.

Higgins told reporters on Tuesday that he focused on building strength after the end of the 2020 season and that he has already seen benefits to that approach since the Bengals have gotten on the field for their offseason program.

“My biggest thing was to get that stronger. I didn’t do any routes, I didn’t run. I was just really in the weight room for the most part,” Higgins said, via the team’s website. “Then, once I was able to actually get on the field and do like a workout or something I just went out there and it felt good. And then I just felt like I had to get stronger so I focused a little bit more on the weight room as well again. Now I’m weighing like 220 and it feels good. Last year I came in at like 220 and it was too heavy for me, so I had to lose a few pounds. Now it feels really good and I feel even faster.”

While Higgins is moving faster, he said “everything is just way slower to me” when it comes to absorbing the playbook and the team’s offensive scheme. The hope for this season will be that the combination leaves Higgins making an even bigger contribution on offense than he did as a rookie.

3 responses to “Tee Higgins focused on getting stronger this offseason

  1. Tee talked in circles a bit there, but muscle weighs more than fat, so it makes sense that he’s in better shape at a similar weight. He feels like the forgotten man, since the drafting of Chase- which is a big mistake. He had a great rookie season. Can we just skip ahead to September please?

  2. Burrow_To_Boyd says:
    June 9, 2021 at 10:59 am
    He feels like the forgotten man, since the drafting of Chase- which is a big mistake.

    Agreed, same with Boyd. Higgins really came on, and had a solid season despite not having Burrow throw him he ball every game. Another year in the league plus benefitting from Chase drawing top coverage should result in him balling out. I feel like all three should top 1,000 receiving yards this year

  3. If Ja’Marr puts up similar numbers as AJ did in his rookie year — 65 receptions, 1,000+ yards and 7 TDs — which isn’t asking much for a rookie WR with the way the league has changed, the Bengals WR are gonna be a problem.

    And spare me the OL talk. We get a better than average LT back, signed an above average RT, drafted a G and have competition and depth at the other two spots.

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