Mac Jones on Patriots QBs: We’re all going to get better together

New England Patriots Practice
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Because the Patriots drafted Mac Jones at No. 15 overall, there’s an inevitability that he’ll become New England’s starter at some point in the near future.

But as of now, Jones is learning the offense and competing with the other three QBs on the roster — Cam Newton, Brian Hoyer, and Jarrett Stidham. Even as Jones is working to take over as QB1, he said Thursday that the group has a positive dynamic.

“We’re just coming in every day — there’s four guys in total and I am the rookie, so I am just learning from them,” Jones said, via Ryan Hannable of WEEI. “They have all been very nice to me, treated me well and I am just trying to help them out as much as I can, too. Whatever I can do. We’re all in this together, so it’s not like — there’s competition, but I don’t want to have a misconstrued word there, like it’s bad competition or it’s unhealthy. We’re all close and we’re all going to get better together. That is what we’re going to do.”

According to multiple reporters stationed at New England’s Thursday practice, Hoyer and Stidham took the bulk of the reps at quarterback, as Newton was out with his hand injury. Jones will surely get his opportunities, but they may not come too soon.

5 responses to “Mac Jones on Patriots QBs: We’re all going to get better together

  1. All those “easy” throws and “easy” routes are gone.

    Now it is all on QB’s ability of making big plays and the physical talents of WR group.

  2. I absolutely love that Jarrett & Jones are getting reps….. Cam is a lost cause as far as I’m concerned & Hoyer is a good coach & camp body to have there to help the new guys & 2nd year WR’s (which honest are relative rookies) get some good reps in….
    My guess is it will be Mac & Jarrett as the QB depth chart with Cam as emergency & GADGET QB option plays…..

  3. So it’s finally begun. The Stidham Decade of Dominance is finally under way. What will it be tomorrow?

  4. I am in the minority, but I still think that Cam can do well enough to get to the playoffs. Having had no off season last year, below average pass catchers, and getting Covid during the season with lingering effects for months made everything pretty difficult. He will be much better than last year

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