Ron Rivera: QB competition will make team better

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Ryan Fitzpatrick has far more experience than any other quarterback on the Washington Football Team and he’s making more money than the other three players at the position combined, but head coach Ron Rivera isn’t crowning him as the starter for Week 1 at the moment.

After anointing Dwayne Haskins as the starter heading into last season and getting disappointing results, Rivera has pushed competition as the best route for the team to take this time around. Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen both started games last season and Steven Montez is also on the roster.

On Thursday, Rivera said that having a competition “would have given us a better idea as to what we had to focus on” and that he wants to go through that process despite Fitzpatrick’s presence.

“It’s going to be a good competition,” Rivera said, via John Keim of “I look forward to it. It’s going to push our football team and make our football team better. I just feel that going into this knowing we have a proven guy there that has the ability to lead us, but again, we have a guy in Taylor that shows us he can do it. They are going to compete, they are going to push, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Fitzpatrick will get the first crack at the job and the evidence that someone else is better suited to it will have to be overwhelming for him not to be on the field against the Chargers in September, but it’s a possibility as long as Rivera is open to being overwhelmed.

9 responses to “Ron Rivera: QB competition will make team better

  1. If Fitzpatrick’s last few stops are any indication, their QB situation will be a mess as he starts out hot, then goes ice cold after 4 or 5 games, then his replacement does ok but fails enough for Fitz to come back in and do slightly better than average.

  2. We’re a QB away from being SB contenders. Fitz just has to “manage” the game and we should be fine.

  3. Fitzpatrick has NEVER been the unquestioned started on a team with a DECENT defense.
    He has ALWAYS been the guy who had to CARRY a team that could not stop anyone else consistently.

    Before you say “Miami has a good defense” note that I mentioned “Unquestioned Starter”

    Tua started most of the games last year for the phins.

  4. Fitzpatrick will be the starter Week 1. Both of the other two are good, but neither is great. Washington has not solved their quest for the QB of the future but when they find him, they have adequate backups already on the roster.

  5. Fitzpatrick has always dazzled for a few games before returning to earth and playing a few duds.
    Would have figured Heinicke would get more of a push considering how well he played against the Bucs defence in the playoffs.

  6. How much more of a “push” do you want him to get? He’ll already be getting a chance to compete for the starter’s job based on the results of only ONE game.

  7. bwdjr says:
    June 11, 2021 at 8:44 am
    We’re a QB away from being SB contenders. Fitz just has to “manage” the game and we should be fine.


    No you are not but having watched up close in Carolina of Rivera what will happen is he will start Fitz and wait until he has a reason to put Kyle in because he has his pets that he forces into play. The team will be average at best. Rivera has a history of being a good culture guy in general but also tops out at a little above average with there always being promise but no payoff. That is is ceiling.

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