Which team in the NFC will be the biggest threat to the Buccaneers?

Wild Card Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington Football Team
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The trade that sent receiver Julio Jones from Atlanta to Tennessee makes the Titans better. It also makes the top of the AFC more competitive. In turn, the Buccaneers won’t have to deal with Jones twice this year as a member of the Falcons.

It underscores the reality that the AFC — with the Chiefs, Bills, Ravens, Titans, Steelers, and Colts (not to mention an improved Patriots team) — has plenty of great teams and that the NFC, frankly, doesn’t. After the Buccaneers, which team is the best in the NFC?

The Rams? The Packers? The 49ers, if healthy. Maybe the Seahawks. Frankly, the Bucs should be worried about Washington, given the potency of the pass rush and the traditional struggles Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady has had when facing intense pressure, especially up the middle.

But it’s not like the AFC. Whoever wins the Lamar Hunt Trophy will be either battle hardened or beaten to hell and back. For the Chiefs last year, it was the latter and it contributed to the loss in Super Bowl LV.

While it won’t be easy for Tampa Bay to become the first team in seventeen years to repeat, it won’t be nearly as hard to get to the Super Bowl as it would have been if they were still in the conference to which they were assigned for 1976, their first NFL season.

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  1. Bucs aren’t repeating. Bringing everyone back doesn’t improve your squad and if you didn’t improve you got worse. Brady has limits to his arm and wasn’t the reason they won. He was fairly average at best.

  2. Depending on if Zimmer and Kirk Cousins can get out of their own way, the Vikings have a killer roster entering this season with very few holes.

  3. The Rams. Truly the best defense last year, improved at QB, and have pesky, strong wide receivers that break arm tackles after they catch the ball. They beat the Bucs last year, then improved in the offseason while Tampa Bay pretty much stayed the same.

    I’m a Bucs fan and have a healthy fear of them.

  4. I know the thought for many is the Packers are Super Bowl contenders only because of Aaron Rodgers. That thought would be wrong.

    If you factor in the Packers roster, and coaching staff, you begin to see why this team has won 28 games over the last 2 years.

    Remember when Matt Ryan surprised everyone and won the NFL MVP award? Guess who was his QB coach that year? Matt LaFleur. You think maybe Matt had a little to do with Aaron’s resurgence over the last 2 years?

    The defensive players are very excited about what Joe Barry brings to the table. When Z was asked about Joe bringing the Rams style defense to Green Bay, Z said: “This defense is going to be special man.”

    Things are working themselves out with the Aaron Rodgers situation, and I expect Aaron to be at camp on July 27th. But no matter who the QB is, Green Bay is right there with Tampa as the best of the NFC.

  5. “Which team in the NFC will be the biggest threat to the Buccaneers?”

    The Buccaneers. But lucky for them, Brady probably knows that better than any other human on Earth.

  6. yeahbut says:
    June 11, 2021 at 10:36 am
    Don’t sleep on America’s Team.


    How many times do we have to hear this during every off season? It’s wiser to completely sleep on Dallas until they can prove something. They haven’t proven anything in the past 25 years.

  7. Seahawks will be the Superbowl champions this year!! Brady has won his last Superbowl..the Saints will win that division this year..now how’s that for gold predictions ?..lol

  8. “Green Bay is right there with Tampa as the best of the NFC.”

    You’re never “right there” with a championship team until you’ve proven you can win a championship yourself. Consistently winning games is a great start but you’ve got to prove you can win in the playoffs and see it through to the end and until the Packers can do that they’re just another contender a step or two back from teams that have proven themselves.

  9. You all are sleeping on the Vikings and I don’t understand why. Last year they had a top 5 defense and it only is getting better this year with a revamped OL. Defensively the Vikings were bad last year, really bad after Kendricks went down. Will Kendricks is back, as is Barr. Add in Michael Pierce and Tomlinson and we have a much better line than we did last year, even if Hunter holds out. Our secondary is improved to. Maybe not the second coming of the Legion of Boom, but certainly an upgrade over last years unit that almost got them to the playoffs after a disastrous 1-5 start. Dantzler could be the real deal, and Anthony Harris was crazy overrated. Will the win the Superbowl, heck no. It’s the Vikings. But a deep playoff run in their magical odd years shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially with the Packers in disarray and the Bears with a rookie QB and some of their traditional nemesis like the Saints rebuilding.

  10. I think the NFC will have some strong teams, but there are a ton of “ifs” right now.

    These are the obvious candidates:

    1) Green Bay has an outstanding roster, Aaron Rodgers or not. If Love can play, they could still be in the mix even without Rodgers.

    2) The Rams look like an excellent, well-rounded team, but there’s some projection there with the prior coaching staff getting picked clean in the offseason and Stafford taking over as quarterback (I am skeptical that he’s a significant upgrade over Goff, but if he is and the new defensive coaching staff can pick up where the last one left off, that team is going to be tough to beat).

    3) The Niners on paper have a better team than their Super Bowl squad if their injured guys come back healthy.

    Then the less-obvious candidates (surprise teams always step up every year):

    4) The Vikings – their defense suffered from a lot of turnover to young guys last year, but if they get back to a baseline Zimmer level, they could be the Rams of the NFC North.

    5) Don’t laugh, but the NFC East has some teams that COULD be significantly improved from last year. If Washington has even an average offense, their defense is good enough to contend. The Giants looked on the cusp of being good last year but collapsed late – and should be improved based on offseason moves and another year to learn the schemes of the new coaching staff. The Cowboys could be tough with even an average defense/if the offensive line finally gets healthy.

    6) The Bears – their roster has holes, but if the defense performs anywhere near its level from last year and Fields suddenly elevates their offense, look out for Chicago. This is a team that beat the Bucs last year. I think losing Fuller hurts, and they eventually need to figure out their perennially deficient offensive line though.

    7) Seattle has shown flashes, but they have never felt like an actual contender to me since the Legion of Boom fell apart. Maybe the new offensive coordinator gets the offense over the hump, and Carroll can finally muster a top-ten defense. They have the quarterback and receivers to do some damage on any given Sunday.

  11. This article certainly brought out the best in hometown delusion. I just hope its not the Rams — almost everything about that team other than Stafford and Donald irritates the hell out of me.

  12. The Bucs are their own biggest threat in the NFC. Believing what the press says doesn’t win football games. While retaining the roster is a solid offseason, other teams will have new ways to try to beat the same roster, and there are still some depth issues with this roster (like at OT, where KC lost the SB last year right in front of Licht’s eyes). All of that being said, it’s going to be a fun season to watch. TB12 will now be teaching everyone how not to be complacent.

  13. They have to play the saints twice. New Orleans has always been a thorn in the side for the bucs with the Saint usually coming out on top. Division winners 4 yrs in a row now.

  14. This feels weird to type, but in regards to the top of the AFC…how you can include the Steelers and not the Browns?

  15. I will be ecstatic if TB/TB doesn’t make the playoffs and NE goes to the SB. What a great week of fodder that will be…..who made whom better, BB or TB?

    The ultimate dream game would be if the Seahawks are playing NE in SB.

  16. chawk12thman says:
    June 11, 2021 at 12:58 pm
    I will be ecstatic if TB/TB doesn’t make the playoffs and NE goes to the SB. What a great week of fodder that will be…..who made whom better, BB or TB?

    The ultimate dream game would be if the Seahawks are playing NE in SB.

    Good luck with that. 😂

  17. Now that Brady is in the NFC, the NFC is not tough anymore? Before it’s the AFC that was supposed to be easy.. Such change of perception. And it’s not just Brady who is vulnerable in an intense pass rush. He’s the one who survives in such situations, thus the wins.

  18. Chiefs brought everyone back. They didn’t repeat. The Bucs won’t either.

  19. The Steelers? Surprised to see them on the list. Juped out to a great record against a weak schedule in 2020, then regressed down the stretch. Loss of O-Line in the offseason is the final straw for the closing of the Big Ben window.

  20. Its the washington re….errrr football team that will dominate and win it all; BOOK it, BANG it, BAG it.

  21. “Frankly, the Bucs should be worried about Washington “

    This could be the nicest thing you have said about WFT, ever.

  22. It’s the 49ers, and it isn’t close. If they hadn’t had as many injuries as they did–heck, just if Bosa doesn’t get hurt–they would have won the NFC West, and I honestly think Super Bowl LV would have been the second time in Super Bowl history that the same two teams met in consecutive years.

  23. the Buccaneers won’t have to deal with Rams,the Packers,the 49ers,and Seahawks.They have some problems

  24. June 11, 2021 at 1:05 pm
    chawk12thman says:
    June 11, 2021 at 12:58 pm
    I will be ecstatic if TB/TB doesn’t make the playoffs and NE goes to the SB. What a great week of fodder that will be…..who made whom better, BB or TB?

    The ultimate dream game would be if the Seahawks are playing NE in SB.

    That argument has already been decided at we saw Tom Brady go to a new team without very much coaching, limited training camp, and not preseason. He won, BB did not. BB needs TB or a great QB. Tampa got the great QB, but did not need the coach BB in the package to win. See who was not in the equation? Psst…BB in case you were not watching last season as the message seems to indicate.

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