Jarvis Landry: Odell Beckham looks better than last year

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We haven’t seen much from Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. since he suffered a torn ACL in October. But one person who has seen him says he looks better than before.

Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry has been working out with Beckham and several teammates in Texas, and Landry says Beckham is in excellent shape.

He’s even better than he was last year,” Landry said today, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal.

Beckham was not having a great season even before the torn ACL, averaging a career-low 45.6 receiving yards per game and catching a career-low 53.5 percent of the passes thrown to him. The Browns would love to see Beckham look better than last year, and look more like the kind of player he was early in his career with the Giants.

26 responses to “Jarvis Landry: Odell Beckham looks better than last year

  1. Wasn’t Beckham in a cast most of last season?
    Yeah…of course he would already “look better”.

  2. Being a great NFL player is not a simple equation. Talent is a very important part of it, but it’s not everything. There have been an awful lot of very talented guys that never had careers equal to their talent. The guys that are strongest between the ears seem to have the best careers, even if they don’t have the most talent. The guys that are able to put the team above themselves, are the ones who make their team win.

  3. “Jarvis Landry: Odell Beckham looks better than last year”

    Odell must have gotten a new hair style.

  4. These guys have been friends since they were teenagers so what do you expect Landry to say?

  5. He’s not as good as we all thought he was. He was incredible but his whole fashion/pop/celebrity lifestyle derailed everything – his best days are long gone.

  6. This time of year, everyone looks better than last season and everyone has a shot at the playoffs. Unless you’re Detroit. They know they’re in a rebuild.

  7. OBJ made one of the greatest catches ever.Cris Collinsworth said so and it was on primetime.He also wore a 2 million dollar watch in a game and a funny tinted visor.Both were violations and I think he missed a few plays but it didn’t matter.He made his point. He is remembered for hype and not much else.

  8. I liked him early in his career as a Giant, but he lost me at the dog peeing celebration dance. Not classy.

    He has had a couple of serious leg injuries, it’s hard to believe that he will have the speed that he had earlier in his career.

  9. Dude will never be the same player he was in NY. Even with ELI he was spoiled, now he’s gotta earn every stat and just can’t. Hope he enjoys the memories, bc the future is bleak.

  10. So much hatin’ on the diva…. lol.

    I predict he’s going to have a great season.

  11. We’ll have to see if he’s willing to adjust his style to not being the prima donna receiver. If he decides he’ll play for the team, not the stats, he’ll be a great asset along with the other receivers the Browns have. If he’s still a “just throw it my way every play and I’ll catch it,” guy, then he’ll be trade bait by the end if camp.

  12. Just let me know when he looks like 2015 Odel so I can draft him in fantasy

  13. OBJ started his career with three great season, since then he has been either injured or a good but not great reciever. His decline is in direct inverse correlation with his big contract, it appears the more he is paid the weaker his work ethic.

  14. Jarvis we all just had an awful year as a planet. EVERYBODY is looking better in 21 than they did in 20 frankly.

  15. Maybe because they saw they don’t need him around. Funny how that makes divas work harder. He can play, but only when he’s the show. Next year he will light it up…wish it wasn’t so, but he will.

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